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Easy Vegetable Biriyani

Easy Vegetable Biriyani - This Easy Vegetable Biriyani is an easy weekend lunch that's full of nice flavour. Try this recipe and the whole family can enjoy. When you make biriyani you should expect two things they are the rice should be firm not mushy and it should be full of bold flavours. If you follow some basic methods it should be easy to cook a tasty biriyani. Whenever I make biryani, I always prepare a fresh ginger garlic paste.(Do not peel the garlic skin because it adds nice flavour and taste). The ginger garlic paste is the first main ingredient which enhances the taste of the rice. I have used all the dry spices and the biriyani masala powder. I have used the basic combination of vegetabIes that everyone like and you can add any other vegetabIes that you want. I also prefer to add ghee and oil in minimal amounts. Letting the rice rest for 1 to 2 hours before serving helps to release the flavours from the spices and the rice also stay distinct. If you do not have biryan

Aviyal - Vegetables in curd and coconut - Tirunelveli Aviyal

Sambar - Tirunelveli Sambar for lunch

Sambar is the most common kuzhambu (curry) in all of South Indian cuisine and staple in any restaurant and on important occasions. There are many variations for sambar depending on region or taste preferences. Tirunelveli sambar has some variations in the taste and the ingredients. Most of Tirunelveli recipes consist of coconut and small onions. In this sambar also we add coconut, small onion, garlic and jeera paste. There are two keys to make tasty sambar. The first is to start with the fresh vegetables. When we prepare any dishes with fresh vegetables the result will be the best in taste and quality. The second is to add the correct amount of spices for the nice flavours. Now let's see how to prepare sambar with step by step pictures. Click here for Homemade Sambar Powder recipe. Here is the recipe video for Tirunelveli Sambar    Check out my other Sambar recipes Idi Sambar Keerai Sambar Radish Sambar White pumpkin Sambar Killi Potta Samb

Pulikuzhambu - Tirunelveli style Pulikuzhambu recipe

The best and the most authentic Tirunelveli recipe is this Pulikuzhambu. This dish is tangy and spicy with unique taste. This kuzambu is a must - have during family gatherings and it is also easy to make. Adding of drumstick or brinjal gives extra taste to it. If you do not have vegetables, add sundaikkai vathal along with onions and garlics. When you cook large amounts of this kuzhambu, you can save some for future meals. This kuzhambu tastes perfect the next day. The leftover kuzhambu can be mixed with any kootu or keerai masiyal and keep the mixture in low flame for 10 to 15 minutes. This thick mix of this kuzhambu and keerai or kootu gives you a tasty side dish for curd rice.Just serve this kuzhambu with a tsp of ghee over the rice and paruppu (dal) and  you will definitely enjoy the taste. The perfect side dish is yam masiyal , drumstick leaves th uvaram or any vegetable kootu. Try this tasty, tangy and spicy kuzhambu. Here is the recipe video for P

Rajma Masala

If you want to make restaurant style rajma masala at home using few simple ingredients definitely you must try this recipe.This is very easy and tasty that can be done within an hour. You can use the canned rajmas, but freshly cooked offer the best flavour and nutrition.

Drumstick leaves thuvaram (Drumstick leaves stir fry) - Murungai Keerai Poriyal

This drumstick leaves thuvaram is a unique side dish in South Indian cuisine. They're made with little cooked toor dal and ground coconut, jeera paste. Finally 1 tbsp of coconut oil is added to enhance the taste and it prevents the leaves to stick each other. This drumstick leaves thuvaram/stir fry is a best side dish for pulikuzhambu , sambar and any South Indian kuzhambu varieties. Let's see how to prepare this Drumstick leaves thuvaram with step by step photos.

About me

Hai,  I am Muthulakshmi Madhavakrishnan welcoming you to my blog VIRUNDHOMBAL . Basically, I am a computer science graduate from Bhrathidasan university, Tiruchy. From my infancy stage till I get married I have been nurtured In Tiruchy. I went to a school where a rich tradition and heritage find a valuable space. Yes, I did my schooling in Railway mixed High school and all disciples are unique in their own way. Even while I was pursuing my higher education in Jamal Mohmaed college, Tiruchy we the students feel free to    interact with our co students about our way beyond our college days. After my college days are over I was about to choose Home science with specialization of food science my wedlock ceremony, though not an interruption, had to be arranged as a part of the parental care. It was a blessing in disguise as my husband    a busy software techie found his own time to appreciate my magical work in the kitchen.That was an inspiration for me, a housewife like me as the hu

Carrot Rice - Carrot Sadham - Easy lunch box recipe

I learned this fabulous recipe from my husband.This is an easy recipe and it tastes good. I used basmati rice, you can use any rice or other cooked millets of choice. The grated carrots in the rice look super pretty. The pre cooked rice mixed with the mixture of spices, ginger garlic paste, fresh carrots and finally the lemon juice. Try this recipe for your kids lunch box. Introduce them to a colourful and healthy carrot rice and skip them the old boring rice varieties. Definitely they will enjoy this rice and it is also the best way to include carrots for them. When you pack the rice top it with some  fried cashew nuts or any other nuts. Don't forget to add the lemon juice because it is the secret ingredient in this recipe. Don't want to add any water while sauteing the carrots because the carrots cook with the moisture in it. You can also serve this rice with any light gravy if you prefer. Now let's see how to prepare this Carrot rice wi

Raw Banana Curry - Vazhaikkai Curry

This raw banana curry would make the perfect side dish for any rice varieties.

Tomato Onion Thokku - Side dish for idli, dosa, pongal and chapathi

The simplest and tastiest side dish which can be prepared within 20 minutes is Tomato onion thokku. It's easy to make and goes well with roti, idly, dosa and pongal. This thokku is a perfect side dish for school lunches, a quick weeknight side dish and also for your travel foods. Try this yummy thokku and definitely it will be your family favourite. Other recipes with Tomato Tomato Kurma Tomato Dosa Tomato Coconut Chutney Tomato Rice Tomato chutney Tomato Green chilly Chutney Tomato Onion Sabji Tomato Dal Tomato Thokku Tomato Millet Rice

Sirukeerai Thuvaram (Tropical Amarnath greens stir fry) - Tirunelveli Kothikeerai Recipe

Siru keerai/ Tropical Amarnath greens is such a super nutritious green, you want it to eat it as often as you can. It has calcium and iron in abundant quantity. We can prepare sambar, kootu, vada, oothapam and many dishes with this keerai. This siru keerai thuvaram is a very popular, healthy and of course tasty side dish too. In Tirunelveli, people used to say as kothikeerai for this dish.In this recipe the ground paste adds a lot of flavour to the thuvaram and cooked toor dal enhances the taste. Try this yummy thuvaram with any type of keerai. Let's see how to prepare Siru keerai thuvaram with step by step photos.

Amla (Gooseberry) Thokku - Nellikai thokku

This recipe is an easy way to use up amlas(gooseberries). The simplest and best side dish for our curd rice is our pickles and thokku.Making and storing your own thokku at home is healthy and interesting. Now let's see how to prepare this crunchy amla thokku.

Chenna Masala - Side dish for poori, batura and nann

This chenna masala is a simple home style dish. My mother often prepares this chenna masala in my childhood days.There is no need for chenna masala powder, amchur powder, tea powder or dried pomegranate seeds powder just simple garamasala powder is enough for the masala. Fresh onions, fresh tomatoes, ginger, garlic are made into a nice paste and little tamarind juice and jaggery are added to enhance the taste. A fantastic gravy with minimum ingredients. Always try to use dried chickpeas rather than the canned peas because they are adding too much preservatives and sodium to keep it fresh for a longtime. Soak the dried chickpeas for more than 8 hours or overnight and pressure cook them thoroughly, they won't turn hard. Do you want a perfect Chenna Masala? The answer is let them to cook well until the raw smell of the garlic, ginger, red chillies and the coriander seeds disappear. Try to use unrefrigerated tomatoes for any dishes because the sweetness in the tom

Tomato Thokku - Thakkali thokku

Tomato thokku - easy homemade thokku prepared with tomatoes, chilly powder, tamarind and fenugreek powder. An interestingly unique side dish for any breads and rice. You can also use this thokku as a base to prepare tomato rice, tomato poha upma or tomato idiyappam.

Masala Veg Fried Rice

One day my son wants me to prepare veg fried rice with briyani flavor. Using very simple ingredients in my pantry I prepared this colourful fried rice. This simple fried rice is really good for lunch boxes too.

Saamai (Little millet) Lemon Rice - Millet Recipes

Saamai Lemon rice - The easiest and delicious rice made with tangy lemon juice and healthy s aamai m illet.This recipe requires very less effort and you can easily pack in for your lunch box.

Bittergourd fry - Pavakkai varuval - Side dish with bitter gourd

Bitter gourd fry (Pan fried bitter gourds with gram flour and rice flour) Usually cooking bitter gourd without the bitterness is really tough, but if you cook them with simple techniques you can really enjoy the dish. This dish is crisp in taste and easy to prepare. This is a very good side dish for sambar, rasam, pulikuzhambu and South Indian rice varieties. Let's see how to prepare this Bitter gourd fry with step by step photos. 

Saamai (Little Millet) Venpongal (Millets cooked with Split green gram)

Saamai Venpongal - Start your weekend breakfast with this tasty and healthy saamai pongal. Pongal is one of the healthiest and nutritious breakfast which provides adequate energy for the whole day. Millets Pongal is the best way to include millets in your diet. It's a gluten free, high fibre and high protein packed food. Take a break from your regular raw rice pongal and try this healthy pongal for a change. Similar Tiffin recipes Idli Black urid dal Dosa Ragi flour Upma Arisi Upma Poori Bottlegourd Adai Rava Upma Semiya Upma   Rava Dosa Ven Pongal 

Thiribagam (Three in one delight) - Tirunelveli dessert with besan flour, cashew and badam

Thiribagam is a popular dessert in Tirunelveli. This thiribagam is made from besan flour, cashew powder, sugar, milk and ghee. Edible camphor and saffron are used for adding flavour. This traditional homemade dessert is wrapped up in a piece of butter paper and served.  This sweet has a combination of three major sweets kajukatli, mysurpa and palkova. Hence it is called as Thiribagam. Similar Sweet Recipes Rava ladoo Kaju Katli   Kesar peda Easy Milk Sweet Chocolate Burfi Mango and Coconut Burfi Moong dal flour Ladoo Coconut Burfi Paal Kova with milk powder  Paal Kova with Naatu Sarkkarai Kesari Pineapple Kesari Milk Kesari Mango Kesari Badam Katli - Almond Fudge Carrot Burfi Dry Gulab Jamun Easy Milk Sweet Badam Coconut Burfi Badusha Potato Halwa Carrtot Halwa Banana Halwa Thirattupal Badam Halwa  Dates Halwa Ashoka Halwa Badam Cashew Burfi Here is the video link for Thiribagam  Thiribagam (Three in one delight) Recipe Details Prep time : 15 minutes Cook time : 20 minute