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Carrot Burfi - Burfi with carrots, coconut and milk powder - Easy Sweet for Diwali

Carrot Burfi is prepared with grated carrot, grated coconut, milk powder, sugar and ghee. This is similar to my mango coconut burfi but it is quicker than mango burfi.  The moisture in the mango pulp takes some time to get thick whereas in this carrot burfi it gets easily thick and perfect for kids birthday party and also for potlucks. If you use fresh, juicy carrots it will be easy to grate it finely. No need to grind the carrots. The milk powder gives a nice texture to the burfi and it also helps to give perfect consistency to cut the burfis. When it comes to burfi the sugar level is high when compared to other varieties. The first step is to saute the grated carrots and coconut for a few minutes on medium heat to remove the raw smell of the carrots and the moisture from the coconut. Then you have to combine the milk powder and sugar. This burfi does not require any sugar syrup consistency, so you can start stirring the carrot coconut mixture on medium heat. You have to add g

Manapparai Murukku - Arisi Murukku - Easy and quick Diwali snack

Manapparai Murukku - crispy and addictive travel snack for many of us. This Manapparai Murukku is a famous snack and in most of the trains and buses as soon as when we cross Trichy we hear the sound murukku.. murukku...manapparai murukku...... It's an all time favorite snack. It's a nice alternative to the packed chips as there is no artificial flavors or colours in it. This Manapparai murukku dish is very easy to prepare with simple cooking steps. A few years back, I saw this recipe on a TV show. They shoot it from Manapparai from where it was prepared. He explained the steps beautifully with easy cooking methods. I tried this murukku in my home and it was so nice. The murukku was so crunchy because we have to double fry it. Another secret to achieve even crispiness in the murukku is that we have to knead the flour with the water mixed with salt and the spices like ajwain, jeera and sesame seeds. For frying the murukku, I have used coconut oil and you can use your favourite

Easy Milk Sweet - Instant milk sweet with kova, condensed milk and sugar

Easy milk sweet - prepared with condensed milk, unsweetned kova, powdered sugar and ghee. You can easily prepare this milk cake within 30 minutes. Traditionally milk sweets are prepared with milk, which will take more time. We like almost any sweets based on milk products, but most of the milk sweets require some time and patience. So for a change, I planned to prepare an instant and easy milk sweet for this Diwali with unsweetened kova and condensed milk. The taste is similar to the regular milk sweet, and my son Siva enjoying it very much. Sure to become your favourite milk sweet also. To make this easy milk sweet you need unsweetened kova, condensed milk, cardamom powder, powdered sugar, chopped pistachio nuts and ghee. The  kova are sauted in ghee for a few minutes and then mixed with the condensed milk. The kova dough will look like milk halwa and when it gets thick the powdered sugar are mixed well. We have to mix the powdered sugar in two stages so that the sugar will be e

Coconut Burfi - Thengai Mittai

Coconut burfi we call this sweet as thengai mittai. It's our family friendly, sweet. My paternal Grandmother (her name is also Muthulakshmi) prepared these delicious coconut burfi  for us during our childhood days. She was an expert in preparing sweets and prasadams. Whenever she made this coconut burfi she added a pinch of pink colour to it. The  beautiful pink colour attracted us, and the whole burfis were finished within a day or two. For every annual vacation or whenever she visited us she prepared these delicious thengai mittai for us. Already I have posted her thiribagam sweet in my blog. This coconut burfi uses only three ingredients and you can easily prepare this sweet within 20 minutes. All you have to do is to combine the grated coconuts, sugar and ghee in a kadai. You can also grind the coconut without any water in a mixer jar to set a smooth burfi. This burfi is actually easier than a kesari. Fresh coconuts will work well for this burfi. I have not tried this recip

Bonda - Urad Dal Bonda

Bondas are a popular evening snack, which are served along with white coconut chutney. They are so good with a cup of warm filter coffee for evening snacks. Bondas are a type of snack similar to ulundha vada. Although both the ulundha vada and bonda include the same ingredients, these two differ in the making process. For bondas we don't add chopped onions but we add chopped ginger, green chillies and few coconut bits. After grinding the batter, simply mix all the ingredients together and fry the bondas.As I told in my medu vada post, for bondas also I recommend to grind it in a wet grinder. Because it gives you a soft texture for the bondas. Grind it in a wet grinder for 20 minutes until smooth and fluffy. If required just add 1/4 cup of water while grinding. Also, do not add salt during grinding because it makes the batter watery then you can't able to make the balls. If you are grinding in a mixer jar, try to soak for 3 to 4 hours and then grind it by sprinkling a han