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Karasev with Green chilly - Pachai Milagai Karasev - Diwali Recipes

Karasev recipe with full video and step by step pictures. Generally, most of us use red chilly powder or black pepper powder for karasev for spiciness. In this recipe, I have used green chilly, which gives a pale yellow colour for the karasev. The taste and texture was really good. I learnt this recipe from my Sarasu perimma who is an expert in making savouries and traditional sweets. She taught me few savouries and I will post one by one in virundhombal. She told me using red chilly powder will give dark colour karasev, so try karasev with green chillies. To make this karasev we need gram flour, rice flour, roasted gram flour(fried grams flour) green chillies, butter, asafoetida and oil.  Tips to make karasev Combine all the flour  and then add the butter. You can add hot oil or melted ghee. Mix well with your palm until the mixture is mixed well with the butter. The green chillies are ground with little salt and then filtered using a fine strainer. Do not add the ground green  chilli

Adhirasam - Diwali Special Adhirasam Recipe

Adhirasam - traditional sweet recipe with simple and healthy ingredients. Adhirasam doesn't take longtime to make, but it requires a little patience while making the jaggery syrup and mixing the rice flour with the jaggery. It's easy once you know how to prepare the jaggery syrup. Now let's see all the steps in detail with step by step pictures and full video.  Check out my sweet recipes for Diwali   Thiribagam (Three in one delight) Rava ladoo Kaju Katli   Kesar peda Easy Milk Sweet Chocolate Burfi Mango and Coconut Burfi Moong dal flour Ladoo Coconut Burfi Paal Kova with milk powder  Paal Kova with Naatu Sarkkarai Kesari Pineapple Kesari Milk Kesari Mango Kesari Badam Katli - Almond Fudge Carrot Burfi Dry Gulab Jamun Easy Milk Sweet Badam Coconut Burfi Badam Burfi  Badusha Potato Halwa Carrtot Halwa Banana Halwa Thirattupal Badam Halwa  Dates Halwa Ashoka Halwa Adhirasam Recipe Details Here is the video link for Adhirasam Prep time : 1 hour Resting time : 1 day Cook time

Ashoka Halwa - Moong Dal Halwa - Pasiparuppu Halwa - Diwali Sweet Recipes

Ashoka Halwa recipe with full video and step by step pictures. Ashoka halwa is made using moong dal, wheat flour, sugar and ghee as the main ingredients. During my college days, I saw this halwa in a TV cookery show and prepared many times for Diwali and family occasions. Later, after marriage I have not prepared it frequently and thought of sharing this recipe in my blog for a long time. So today prepared this halwa with video and pictures to post in virundhombal for this Diwali.  Actually, this halwa is an easy recipe without any complicated steps. The major work while making this halwa is you have to cook the moong dal till soft and then grind it to a smooth texture. For most of the halwa dishes, we have to add double the amount of sugar to get the lingering taste. Next important ingredient for halwa is ghee that holds up the halwa perfectly. Halwa starts to gather thicker on the sides of the kadai with the help of the ghee. If you are making halwas with apples, dates or carrots and