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Papaya Poriyal - Pappalikkai Poriyal - Green Papaya Recipes

It's a simple and healthy poriyal made with green papaya.Green papaya is unripened papaya, with a crunchy texture and neutral flavour. Green papaya poriyal is traditionally prepared in a heavy-bottomed mud pot, which is ideal for cooking to get the soft texture. For everyday busy people, I've modified the steps in this recipe a bit. The following recipe has simple ingredients with a quick preparation, so that you can enjoy a healthy side dish for your lunch without much effort. For the best poriyal, be sure to select the green papaya that are fresh and firm with dark green colour without any yellow spots and should be heavy in size. Peel the skin completely and then discard the white seeds. Cut them into small medium sized cubes. Once the chopping work is done, the rest of the process is very easy to make. I start by cooking the chopped papaya in my small pressure cooker just for 1 whistle. This method saves a lot of time and it also gives the perfect texture. Take care not to