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Rice Kheer - Arisi Payasam - Basmati Rice Kheer

Rice Kheer recipe with full video and step by step pictures. Delicious restaurant style rice kheer that's perfect for family occasions, get together or kids birthday parties. This recipe can be easily doubled or tripled if you are planning to serve for a large crowd. A must try dish if you like milk based desserts.  This rice kheer includes basmati rice, milk, sugar and dry fruits. I prepared this kheer three times and it tastes best with full cream milk. This is essentially my milk kheer, recipe but with a few changes. You will need a heavy bottomed kadai which gives you perfect results for this kheer. First, you will need to boil on the milk on low medium heat. While the milk is simmering, peel the blanched badam and slice them thinly. Next add the soaked basmati rice and cook the rice on medium heat. When the rice is 3/4 th done, add in the sugar and then continue to cook until soft and creamy. I have added 1/4 cup condensed milk  and you can also skip it if you don't prefer

Ridge Gourd Brinjal Kichadi - Side Dish for Idli, Dosa and Ven Pongal

Ridge Gourd Brinjal Kichadi  recipe with full video and step by step pictures. Today we are going to see another kichadi recipe for idli, dosa and ven pongal. We make kichadi using ridge gourd or brinjal. Here we have to include both the vegetables along with onions, tomatoes, green chillies and moong dal. My Grandmother often makes kichadi whenever she have sudden guests at home and everytime it tastes so good with her soft idlies. I followed her method which my Grandmother used to make. To reduce the cooking time by half  I have simplified it by pressure cooking the brinjals and ridge gourds along with a tbsp of moong dal. Traditionally kichadi dishes are prepared in the kal chatti and mathu is used for mashing the brinjals. Generally for  kichadi dishes, we use only green chillies and red chillies for the heat. I have added just a teaspoon of sambar powder and it doesn't alter the taste. When compared to sambar, this kichadi can be made in very less time which it makes a healthy

Tirunelveli Getti Chutney - Travel Chutney for Idli - Travel Coconut Chutney with green chillies

Tirunelveli style Getti chutney recipe with full video and step by step instructions. We usually call this chutney as travel chutney because we pack this chutney in a plantain leaf for idlies for our train travel. The aroma of the chutney when packed in plantain leaf will be awesome.  Few years ago many of us always pack food with us when we travel, whether it's a train travel or small day trip because there is a specific set of food items we have to eat while traveling. So it is essential to eat healthy food you travel. Idlies along with this getti chutney are one of the best food items to pack for travelling. We can prepare this chutney with red chillies also. This chutney method is similar to the basic coconut chutney. This getti chutney is ground with less amount of water and then we have to saute the chutney along with the thalippu vadagam until the chutney  gets thick. As we are adding thalippu vadagam in the chutney you will get a nice flavour and tastier than the regular co

Badam Cashew Burfi - Sweet with Almonds and Cashew Nuts

Badam cashew burfi recipe with full video and step by step pictures. This is my 400th post ! I published my first post on January 18 2017. I thank everyone who visits my blog and channel and encourage me with your likes and comments. Collecting recipes is my hobby and started from my school days itself. The collection of my recipe started from my 11 std (in 2002) and noted recipe instructions in a diary by quickly watching the TV shows. Even though I collected many recipes, I started full cooking during my college days. I enjoyed my cooking journey till now and hope to do more dishes.  While celebrating my 400th post I think of preparing a sweet dish badam cashew burfi.  This badam cashew burfi is prepared with badam, cashew nuts, milk, sugar, ghee and saffron. Badam requires more time to soak when compared to cashew nuts, so remember to soak the badam in hot water for  2 hours. If they are soaked well it will be easy to peel the skin plus you can get the ideal texture for the burfi. S