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Puli Milagai with Coconut milk - Side dish for idli, dosa and curd rice

Puli Milagai with coconut milk - creamy and tangy side dish for idli and dosa. I have already posted authentic puli milagai recipe with small onions and green chillies which has a combination of three different tastes such as hot, sweet and sour. This is also similar but we have to add coconut milk in the final stage, which gives a creamy texture and a pale green colour to this dish

Low calorie Rajma Masala - Red Kidney Beans Gravy - Low calorie side dishes for roti, poori, jeera rice and pulao

Low calorie Rajma Masala - usually for dinner, I prefer to cook side dishes with less oil because it helps in easy digestion plus healthy too. This masala is prepared with a few spices, red chilly, onions and tomatoes. This low calorie rajma masala tastes good with chapathi, poori or jeera rice. 

Dry Gulab Jamun - Dry Gulab Jamun with Milk Powder - Easy Diwali Sweet Recipe

Dry Gulab Jamun - prepared with milk powder and maida as the main ingredient. I actually thought to share this recipe three years ago, but I wanted to post it along with the video. So I decided to post this dry gulab jamun for this Deepavali. Whenever we visit Trichy we used to buy this dry gulab jamun from the famous sweet shop mayil mark at Trichy junction. It's one of our family favourite dessert. They have a dark brown dry jamuns coated with fine sugar. For flavours they add a pinch of dry ginger powder in the jamuns. I have tasted many dry gulab jamuns however the dry ginger flavoured one is the best one. During your next visit to Trichy, you can also try those dry gulab jamuns. 

Ribbon Pakoda with ParBoiled Rice - Puzhungal Arisi Ribbon Pakoda - Diwali Recipes

Ribbon pakoda -  prepared with parboiled rice (idli rice) and fried gram flour. In our blog, I have already posted ribbon pakoda prepared with gram flour and rice flour.