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Pachai Sundaikkai Theeyal - Turkey Berry Theeyal - Kuzhambu Recipes

Whenever I think of Kerala food, I personally like theeyal kuzhambu which is similar to our vathakuzhambu. There are many varieties of theeyal kuzhambu. Today we are going to see an interesting theeyal recipe with turkey berry (sundaikkai). It includes authentic ingredients which combine all the flavours in perfect balance.  Nowadays you can find Turkey berries everywhere in the vegetable market and also in departmental stores. Often, we prepare dried vathal during summertime but there are many interesting recipes with this healthy vegetable. Making a good Turkey berry dish requires some patience and time. You have to remove the berries from their stem and then we have to crush them slightly with a stone.  Turkey berries are highly nutritious due to their various nutritional components. They are a good source of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals like potassium, sodium, iron, magnesium and copper. It protects against cancer. It is considered as one of the healthy fruits and we

Vegetable Salna - Veg Salna for Parotta and Chapathi - Side Dishes for Parotta, Chapathi and Ghee Rice

Vegetable Salna - another interesting gravy recipe with mixed vegetables. Salna can be made with any combination of vegetables. The common choices are carrots, beans, potatoes, cauliflower and green peas etc. You can also skip any one of the mentioned vegetables to make the salna. For kurma or salna I believe that using the right techniques and fresh ingredients can bring the ultimate taste. Enjoy this vegetable salna with parotta, chapathi, dosa and brinji. If you like a thin gravy with masalas, then you will surely enjoy this vegetable salna. It is definitely easy to make but you have to plan ahead for the chopping and grinding works. Now let us see how to prepare this vegetable salna.  Check out my other Gravy Recipes Green Peas and Paneer Gravy  Paneer Butter Masala   Paneer Methi Masala Shahi Gobi Masala Broccoli Masala Rajma Masala   Mushroom Butter Masala Easy Chana Masala  Easy Moth Dal Sabji   Green Peas Masala Quick Paneer Masala Malai Methi Paneer Grav y Paneer Kurma Hotel V