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Potato Chips - Homemade Potato Chips

Potato chips - yummy homemade chips recipe for your kids. Many different kinds of potato chips are available in stores with different flavours and shapes. But homemade products are always safe for us. Do you agree? Tell your kids why homemade snacks are better than store bought snacks.

The potato is a commonly used vegetable in our kitchen and you can prepare these chips when you have free time. The potatoes are sliced thinly and then soaked in the water for 20 to 30 minutes to remove the starch in it. After 20 minutes, the slices are dried in a white cloth for 2 hours without any moisture. This method helps to get a  crispy chips. Soaking and drying the slices are the important steps that you must follow for this potato chips. Once the slices are dried without any moisture, then they are deep fried on low heat. For deep frying little patience is very important to get perfect results. Don’t be hurry to finish the frying process, because the chips will turn soggy or you will get a bro…

Potato Masala Dosa

Potato masala dosas are those dosas that nobody can say no to it. You can easily prepare this masala dosas by simple techniques. For potato masala dosa we will first see about how to prepare the masal. Potatoes are the main ingredient for the masala. Plus, we have to add onions, green chillies, ginger and other tempering ingredients. The potatoes must be cooked well to get a smooth masala. Next we are going to see about the dosa batter. The simple method is to prepare with the regular idli dosa batter. The batter should be light and you must prepare the dosa as thin as possible. I strongly suggest to use iron dosa pan for preparing dosas. There are many new non stick dosa pans are available, but I have not tested with them. I suggest to cook the dosas on low to medium low heat. When dosas are cooked for a few seconds, gently scrape the thick layer with a spatula to get thin dosas. After a few practice, you will find your perfect timing and temperature to scrape it.  We will see how t…

Agathi Keerai Poriyal | Humming bird tree leaves stir fry

In our motherland there are so many varieties of greens. Different varieties of greens such as murungai keerai, ponnangani keerai, manathakkali keerai, agathi keerai are nature's gift for us because there are so many health benefits in each and every greens. Cooking greens properly is very important for digestion. Particularly, for agathi keerai poriyal, we have to cook the leaves well because the leaves are thick and  it takes more time to cook when compared to other greens.

Naturally, this keerai has a very good flavour too. It's slightly bitter and is combined with the coconut and cooked toor dal to prepare a delicious poriyal. The ground coconut paste is the final touch of many dishes in Tirunelveli cooking and in addition to it a tbsp of powdered jaggery and coconut oil is added to this poriyal to enhance the taste. Now we will see some important points to remember about this keerai.
After removing the leaves from the stalk  don't need to chop the leaves. Just toss th…

Sambar Vada - Medhu Vada with Sambar

Sambar vada - easy and tasty  homemade sambar vada with simple cooking methods. For this Diwali, we prepared a lot of medhu vada and sambar for morning breakfast. In the evening, my husband came into the kitchen and quickly prepared a tasty sambar vada for us with the leftover sambar and vadas within 15 minutes. Everyone was so happy with the tasty sambar vada and we were not able to stop at just one vada.  Before that, I haven't prepared sambar vada. After a week, I prepared this sambar vada and it came out really well.

The recipe for the sambar is same as the tiffin sambar recipe posted early this year. The only change in the tiffin sambar recipe is that I have added toor dal instead of moong dal because moong dal will be thick for sambar vada. The fried medhu vadas are soaked in the warm water for 10 minutes and then added in the hot sambar. The tiffin sambar can be made ahead of time and refrigerated. Just warm the sambar in a broad pan or kadai to soak the vadas. For vadas I…