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Puli Milagatha Keerai Kuzhambu - Spinach with tamarind and red chillies

Puli Keerai - This kuzhambu is actually called as puli milagatha keerai in Tirunelveli which is prepared with puli (tamarind), milagaivattral (red chilly) and arai keerai (spinach). This is a quick kuzhambu which can be done within 20 minutes.

There is no chopping works or pressure cooking works for this kuzhambu. If you clean the greens in ahead of time, then it is so easy to prepare. We normally use arai keerai for this kuzhambu. You can also use mulai keerai. The greens along with soft stems are cooked with tamarind and roasted chillies & asafoetida and then made into a puree. The greens puree is further cooked for a few minutes and finished with the basic tempering. This kuzhambu is best with a bowl of warm rice along with vazhaikkai varuval or potato poriyal. Making puli keerai kuzhambu is simple when compared with keerai kootu or poriyal. As we add tamarind in this dish, a add good amount of red chillies because if you reduce it won't taste good. Now let's see how t…

Ginger Pachadi - Inji Pachadi - Ginger In Tamarind Sauce

Ginger pachadi - prepared with ginger, tamarind, red chillies, coriander seeds and jaggery. Ginger pachadi can be prepared in different ways.

For our Sodhi kuzhambu, this ginger pachadi or ginger thuvaiyal is a must dish to include in our diet as it helps in proper digestion. Plus, it reduces the bad cholesterol in our body. One day my husband mixed this ginger pachadi with a bowl of warm rice and he named it as Ginger puliyodarai. Like pulikachal we add coriander seeds, red chillies, tamarind extract asafoetida & jaggery in this pachadi also. For these types of pachadi recipes gingely oil,asafoetida and jaggery are the three ingredients which enhances the taste. Now let's see how to prepare Ginger pachadi with step by step instructions.

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