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Semi Ripe Papaya Stir Fry - Pappalikkai Puttu (Poriyal)

This stir fry is prepared with shredded semi ripe papaya. This stir fry is easy to make within 10 minutes. This stir fry is similar to carrot puttu and beetroot puttu.    Semi ripe papaya is light orange in colour with a crisp texture and it has a very mild flavour. The shredded papaya is flavoured with green chillies, onions and finally garnished with fresh coconut. The semi raw papayas are peeled and the innermost white layers are removed along with their tiny seeds. Then they are cut into halves or quarters and  grate it using a slightly thick grater. After grating, we have to saute with mustard, chillies, onions and curry leaves. For this puttu dishes, like carrot puttu and beetroot puttu, the grated vegetables will need to be sauted first for an extra few minutes and then close and cook for 5 to 7 minutes. No water is required for this stir fry. Simply close and cook on low heat for 5 minutes. A handful of freshly grated coconut adds a beautiful colour and taste to this dish.  Sim

Instant Tiffin Sambar - Tiffin Sambar without Dal - Kadalai Maavu Sambar

Instant tiffin sambar - quick and easy tiffin sambar with besan flour. It's one of those special sambar recipes when we want to prepare sambar within 15 minutes. Usually during weekends I prefer this instant sambar for rava dosa and ven pongal. Both rava dosa and ven pongal requires 30 to 35 minutes, so this instant sambar is ideal to cook within 15 minutes plus it is light too. The ingredients are simple for this sambar.  Onions and tomatoes - the best combination for these types of instant sambar which makes the sambar colourful.  Sambar powder or red chilly powder - you can use any of these powders for the spiciness. Make sure to use any one powder in minimal quantity.  Besan flour - the best choice for this instant sambar. You can also use fried grams flour, but I haven't tried it yet. When adding besan flour to the sambar, make sure to dilute it in water without any lumps and then add it to the sambar.  Coconut + Coriander seeds - these two ingredients, bring the flavou

Sweet Potato Sabji - Low Calorie Side Dish Recipes - Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet Potato Sabji - easy and quick side dish within 15 minutes. Anything with sweet potatoes is delicious with the natural sweetness and this sabji is an excellent side dish for both chapathi and rice. Sweet potatoes are such a nutrient rich vegetable. Try to include this vegetable in your diet for monthly, twice or thrice.  Big sweet potatoes can be tough to cut, so make sure to use a sharp knife. Usually my husband helps me for all the cutting and chopping work. In this sabji also, he chopped the sweet potatoes uniformly in cubes. Cubed sweet potatoes work well for this sabji to mix evenly with the masala. The sweet potatoes can be boiled ahead of time and you can prepare this sabji within 10 minutes. Cooking sweet potatoes in a vessel full of boiling water is the perfect method for sabji and poriyal dishes. For sabji, the process is very simple. We have to saute onions and green chillies and then ground garlic cumin mixture is added. Then toss the boiled sweet potatoes with the mix

Seppankizhangu Poriyal - Taro Root (Arbi) Fry

Seppankizhangu Poriyal  - this poriyal is prepared with taro root, chilly powder, small onions cumin garlic paste and perfectly roasted in an iron kadai. The best cooking method for this taro root poriyal is to cook the taro roots in an open vessel for 10 minutes on medium heat with a good amount of water. No one likes a mushy taro root, so just keep an eye on it and check them for doneness by inserting a knife. If you cook taro roots in a pressure cooker, it will be too soft and turns mushy. For these types of roast dishes, low heat and long cooking times are important for its texture. The small onions cumin garlic paste, adds flavour to the taro roots. Roasting the taro roots in an iron kadai creates an excellent flavour and texture.   Similar recipes Vazhaikkai Thuvattal -  Raw Banana (Plantain) Stir Fry   Mithi Paavakai Poriyal - Baby Bitter Gourd Stir Fry  Vazhaikkai Poriyal - Raw Banana (Plantain) Poriyal  Brinjal (Egg Plant) Stir Fry -  Kathirikkai Poriyal  Elephant Foot Yam  St

Papaya Pachadi - Ripe Papaya Yogurt Curry - Pappali Thayir Pachadi

Papaya pachadi is prepared with three main ingredients - ripe papaya, coconut and thick curd. To prepare pachadi, papaya pieces are cooked along with a small piece jaggery and then simmered with ground coconut paste. The coconut paste is a blend of small onions, cumin, turmeric powder, chilly powder and mustard. This pachadi has a mix of sour and sweet taste, which is a unique taste for pachadi dishes. When the papayas are cooked well, we have to mash it gently and then simmered with the ground coconut paste. Let the pachadi cool down until it's warm and then slowly add in the curd. For this pachadi, make sure to use thick curd. The thickness of the curd depends upon the milk you use. If you are using thick full cream milk, you will get a thick creamy curd which will be perfect for pachadi dishes. Finally, temper the pachadi with mustard, red chilly and curry leaves in coconut oil which gives a nice flavour to pachadi.  You might also like  Drumstick Raw Mango Aviyal   Vendakka (La