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Yellow Pumpkin Eriseri - Pumpkin Coconut Curry - Nanjil Recipes

Yellow Pumpkin Eriseri is a curry made with yellow pumpkin,  karamani and coconut paste. It is one of the delicious and satisfying side dishes that takes just 25 minutes to make.  The flavouring comes from the ground coconut paste which is added in two forms. The first coconut paste is prepared by grinding coconut, cumin, red chilli and garlic to a smooth paste which is added when the pumpkins are done. The second coconut paste is prepared by grinding the coconut, red chilli and cumin coarsely which is then roasted well in the coconut oil and added in the final stage. This yellow pumpkin eriseri goes well with pulikuzhambu, theeyal and sambar. This pumpkin eriseri is another delicious recipe from my aunt Raji Tamilselvi from Nagercoil. She taught many of their traditional dishes from Nagercoil. This eriseri tastes good with green skin pumpkin which has deep orange pulp. You can also replace white chick peas instead of karamani. Coconut oil gives the eriseri a subtle aroma. The combinat

Rava Ladoo - Easy Rava Ladoo Recipe - Easy Diwali Sweets

Today we are going to see an easy rava ladoo recipe that's perfect for Diwali, Krishna Jeyanthi or for any family occasions. This recipe can be easily doubled if you are preparing in a large quantity. Good news, no condensed milk, no sugar consistency syrup and no milk are needed for this rava ladoo. There are many easy methods for rava ladoo but this is the traditional method my grandmother used to prepare which stays good for more than 2 weeks.  Simply roast the rava and powder the rava and sugar separately in a mixer jar. And then combine the powdered rava, sugar along with roasted cashews and cardamom powder. Mix the dry ingredients well and then add melted ghee little by little. When it's warm enough to handle, prepare ladoos. Easy sweet recipe within 30 minutes with simple methods.  Tips to make perfect Rava Ladoo To make soft rava ladoos, do not roast the rava for a long time. Roast until you get a nice aroma.  For this rava ladoo recipe, I suggest using fine rava. Pleas