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Wheat Rava Kesari with Naatu Sarkkarai (unrefined jaggery powder) - Samba Godumai Rava Kesari - Naatu Sarkkarai Sweet Recipes

Today we are going to see a healthy sweet recipe with wheat rava and naatu sarkkarai (unrefined jaggery).  It takes only 15 minutes and the taste was too good. It's sure to become your favourite kesari dish because I felt that this naatu sarkkarai and wheat rava combination taste good. I have also tried naatu sarkkarai with regular fine sooji but the taste is not good as this wheat rava kesari. Last month I have already uploaded the video on my channel. Due to the online classes and work from home situation, I don't have time to upload recipes regularly. To prepare this kesari you will need samba wheat rava, naatu sarkkarai, ghee and cashew nuts. For kesari dishes I prefer to add 2 cups of sugar for 1 cup orava. Here also I have used the same technique in fact you have to add additional sugar because unrefined jaggery has less sweetness when compared to sugar. You can easily prepare this sweet as prasadam for pooja. Now we will see how to prepare Wheat Rava Kesari with a short