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Jackfruit Moong Dal Payasam - Palapazham Paruppu Pradaman - Payasam Recipes with Jackfruit

Jackfruit moongdal payasam - delicious dessert prepared with jackfruit, jaggery, moong dal and coconut milk.  Jackfruit is one of our family favourite fruit for its taste and aroma. For most of our family occasions or get together, my perippa always include a dessert with jackfruit. During such occasions, our house was filled with the jackfruit aroma and it was mesmerizing memories.When I prepared 30 varieties Nanjil recipes for the Aval Vikatan magazine, my Rema Athai taught me this payasam dish. She told me this chakka payasam can be prepared in two different methods. Traditional chakka payasam is prepared with jackfruit, jaggery and coconut milk. In this recipe, the only additional ingredient is moong dal and they both are closely related to each other. They both taste as good as they look. As I told in my previous payasam dishes, I would always prefer pagu vellam (dark brown jaggery) which is perfect for traditional desserts.  Here is a short video for Jackfruit Moong Dal Payasam