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Brinjal Kara Kuzhambu - Kathirikai Kara Kuzhambu - Kara Kuzhambu Recipes

In South Indian cuisine, Kara Kuzhambu is one of the tastiest kuzhambu dishes that can be easily prepared with your favourite seasonal vegetables or dried veg vathals. I have already posted hotel style karakuzhambu , mochai kara kuzhambu and sundakkai kara kuzhambu . There are so many methods for this kuzhambu but I usually prepare this method for brinjal karakuzhambu which is very tasty and easy and also you can prepare within 30 mins.  I used kuzhambu chilly powder, sambar powder and chilly powder for this kuzhambu, which helped thicken the kuzhambu and provided a lot of flavour. Small onions are the main ingredient for this kuzhambu but if you haven't in your hand replace it with big onions. Finally a tsp of red chilly powder is tempered and added to the kuzhambu to add colour and appearance for the kuzhambu. Kuzhambu recipes Vellai curry (Sambar without dal) Pepper Pulikuzhambu Mint leaves (Pudhina) Pulikuzhambu  Brinjal Kothsu(Brinjal puree in tamarind sauce) Curry Leaves Kar

Beetroot Kootu - Beetroot with Moong Dal and Coconut - Kootu Recipes

Beetroot kootu is one of my favourite dishes with beetroots. It goes well with rasam and puli kuzhambu. If you are planning to cook an easy dish with beetroots, this is going to be your choice because it requires very less cooking methods when compared to other beetroot dishes. Although beetroot stir fry is an easy dish to cook, but the grating works is a tough process for me. In all our kootu recipes we always include dal and coconut. For this beetroot kootu also we add  moong dal and grounded coconut masala and it is a protein and fiber packed kootu. I often don't prefer to cook the kootu in a pressure cooker but for beetroot kootu I prefer to cook in a pressure cooker as it gets cooked easily and perfectly. As with most of our kootu or poriyal dishes we use ground coconut in a good amount which gives an amazing taste for each and every dishes. For the kootu dishes, the moong dal absorbs water and gets blended with the vegetables and the kootu starts to thicken when its done. If

Milk Kova with Unrefined Jaggery (Naatu Sarkkarai) - Paal Kova with Naatu Sarkkarai - Naatu Sarkkarai Sweet Recipes

Paal kova is a classic dessert prepared with milk and unrefined jaggery powder which is perfect for any special occasions. It requires only two simple ingredients and lots of patience to prepare this delicious sweet. This paal kova with unrefined jaggery powder is made with cow's milk, which tastes so much like aavin's paal kova. To make this paal kova , the milk is added to a heavy bottomed vessel and then heated over medium heat for an hour, so that the milk gets thick slowly with crumble texture. You have to stir in between to avoid burns in the bottom. I have prepared paal kova with many milk varieties, but cow's milk tastes perfect.    Here is a short video for Paal Kova  Similar Sweet Recipes Thiribagam (Three in one delight) Rava ladoo Kaju Katli   Kesar peda Easy Milk Sweet Chocolate Burfi Mango and Coconut Burfi Moong dal flour Ladoo Coconut Burfi Paal Kova with milk powder  Milk Kova with Unrefined Jaggery (Naatu Sarkkarai) with step by step photos Prep time : 5 m