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Bajji Milagai Kootu - Bajji Milagai Recipes - Mirchi Bajji with Vegetables and Dal

Bajji milagai is the long variety green chilly commonly used for bajji, sambar and gravy.  As I was asking for recipe ideas with this bajji milagai, my husband suggested me the idea to try a  kootu dish with bajji milagai. The first thing I told him that it will be very hot and it won't taste good for kootu dishes. Then he told me to include carrot, potato in this kootu, so it will reduce the spiciness level. I had no plans to take the video, but my husband asked me to publish the recipe along with the video on the blog.   The kootu was so delicious and it is a best side dish for rice, chapathi and poori. The beautiful orange colour from the carrots, a hint of red colour from tomato in the kootu looks awesome. When you take a first bite, it tastes like regular vegetable kootu . After a few minutes, you feel a little hotness in your tongue. I have removed the pith and seeds in the chilly. For this kootu, I started off by cooking the carrots and potatoes first and then added the chil

Chana Kurma - South Indian Style Chana Kurma for Poori - Side Dishes for Poori

Chana Kurma is a very popular side dish in South Indian cuisine and differs from Chana masala. I have already posted chana and potato kurma which is also a famous dish in South Indian cooking.  This kurma is similar to it,but have different flavours and little rich too.Cashew nut is the additional ingredient, that gets added in this chana kurma, which will not include in the chana potato kurma and chana masala. A pinch of black pepper powder is added in this kurma, which is not added to the other kurma dishes. I prepared this kurma as a side dish for beetroot poori and it was so delicious. Like most kurmas, this chana kurma also includes the combination of garamasala and coconut cashew paste. This kurma comes together easily, with minimal chopping works. The essential step to make a good kurma with good taste is frying the spices, onions and tomatoes well in the oil. Wait until you see oil seperates for each step.Use garamasala powder depending on your taste. Start with 1/2 tsp of gar

Carrot Capsicum Stir Fry - Low Calorie Side Dish Recipes

Carrot Capsicum Stir Fry - another low calorie side dish for chapathi and rice. You can prepare this healthy side dish within 10 minutes. Last year during lockdown I prepared many sabji recipes for the Aval Vikatan magazine. This carrot capsicum stir fry is also one among those dishes and l often prepare this stir fry for our dinner. In addition to carrot and capsicum, you can also add boiled cauliflower, potato and broccoli. The crushed cumin pepper powder gives a nice flavour to this dish. There is no need for any other extra masala powders for this recipe. Made with a few simple ingredients and this will be your favourite 10 minute side dish. If you cook the capsicums correctly, it brings out their unique flavour and you can absolutely enjoy this dish as a salad. If you don't crush the cumin pepper you can also add chat masala powder.  Check out my other low calorie recipes here Low calorie Black Chana Masala Sprouts and Mushroom Dal Green Moong Dal Sabji Easy Dal Dal Fry  Easy

Mushroom Salna - Side Dish For Parotta, Chapathi and Brinji

Today we are going to see how to make the best salna for parotta and chapathi. This mushroom salna is sure to become one of your favourite side dishes. When it comes to side dish for parotta, I find many people prefer salna with a thin gravy. Salna and parotta are always a perfect combination. This mushroom salna is definitely a great option if you are busy because it takes only 15 minutes to cook. If you want to cook any dishes perfectly you need to practice regularly. Before you try to cook, it is essential to have patience and interest in cooking. We have all experienced small,small mistakes in cooking. Regular practices help to improve our cooking skills. I tried this salna many times, but each and every time I felt something I missed it. For the fans of gravies - kurma and salna are same. Both kurma and salna are flavorful with masalas and spices. Actually, they differ from each other in the consistency. After knowing the difference it helps me to do better. When talking about the

Tawa Brinjal Fry - Tawa Kathrikkai Varuval

Tawa Brinjal Fry - easy and tasty dish with brinjal with simple cooking methods. You can serve this as a side dish for lemon rice, tamarind rice and curd rice. Just like other roast and fry dishes this tawa brinjal fry has many variations. In this recipe, the brinjal slices are dipped in thin buttermilk and then coated with seasoned besan flour and then fried in tawa. Some versions would skip the dipping, some would also use other ingredients like rava for crispy outer layer. If you use tender brinjals with less seeds it tastes so good. My son Siva who's not a big fan of brinjal, likes this tawa brinjal fry very much. I personally enjoyed this tawa brinjal as a snack but sometimes stuffed on dosa sprinkled with chilli flakes.  Similar Recipes Baby Corn Fry - Fried Baby Corn Senaikizhangu Chops - Elephant Foot Yam Roast Mushroom Fry Cauliflower Fry Paneer 65  Tawa Brinjal Fry - Tawa Kathrikkai Varuval Recipe Prep time : 20 minutes Cook time : 15 minutes Serves : 4 Category : side di