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Chocolate Burfi (Chocolate Fudge)

Chocolate Burfi This chocolate burfi is made from simple ingredients and it is perfect for kids birthday party. Let's see how to make this tasty burfi.

Mushroom 65

Mushroom 65 is the perfect appetizer to make anytime. This can be put together so quickly and anytime it would be a favourite dish for everyone.

Raw mango thokku

This easy thokku is the most delicious way to use up your raw mangoes.Raw mango thokku is a popular condiment that accompanies many South Indian foods and also for the rotis. This thokku is slightly sweet and mildly hot. I particularly like them with a bowl of curd rice. I like to use fenugreek powder in my thokku as it has more authentic flavour. Please don't forget to add it because you will enjoy the flavour when you taste the thokku. The totapuri mangoes (kili mooku mangoes) taste best for this thokku. This thokku is the perfect way to use the seasonal produce you found at the market or in your garden. Make this thokku a large batch to give your friends and relatives so that they also can enjoy it. Let's see how to prepare this raw mango thokku with step by step photos.

Ragi (Little Millet) Idly

A healthy breakfast recipe for diabetes. The idlies are soft and fluffy. Soaking the ragi for longtime helps to grind the batter smoothly. The fermentation process is very important because if the batter was well fermented you can get a soft and fluffy idlies. 

Broccoli Masala

This is a restaurant style gravy using simple cooking methods. The broccoli also tastes amazing in the creamy gravy.Broccoli has a wide variety of nutritional and medicinal health benefits. Try to consume this vegetable atleast twice in a month. Always avoid overcooking broccoli as half of its nutritional substances may be destroyed in the process. If you want to make a mild gravy, just leave the fresh cream out and you'll still have a wonderful restaurant style gravy. Don't forget to add the kasuri methi leaves because it ties all the flavours together wonderfully. Feel free to adjust the chilly powder, garamasala powder and ginger garlic paste to fit your taste. When blanching the broccoli florets it's always a good idea to keep an eye on them because the temperature in the boiling water can change the blanching time quite a bit. If you can't get the broccoli, or it's too expensive then use the button mushrooms for the above masala. ( Saute the mushro

Baby corn and Capsicum Pulav

This baby corn capsicum pulav is very easy to prepare and kids will enjoy this rice for their lunch box. The rice is flavoured with coconut milk, whole garamasala and little ginger garlic paste. The capsicums are fried with little ghee and finally added to the rice.

Soya chunks and green peas kurma

Soya chunks are rich in protein and are considered to be a vegetarian subsitute for meat. Making kurma with soyachunks was very tasty and excited me a lot. This masala can be served with rotis, parathas and jeera rice.

Puli illa kuzhambu - Tirunelveli Puli illa curry (Drumstick leaves pepper kuzhambu)

Puli illa kuzhambu is another popular kuzhambu from Tirunelveli. It is prepared with drumstick leaves, pepper, jeera and toor dal or moong dal. It tastes best when served hot with a tsp of ghee spread over the hot rice. Make this kuzhambu for your weekend lunch so that the whole family can enjoy the dish. Yam fry, ladies finger fry and koozh vathal are the best accompaniment for this kuzhambu. The drumstick leaves are the main ingredient in this kuzhambu and if you do not have in your hand simply prepare with brinjals and drumsticks. Now let's see how to prepare this spicy kuzhambu. Best side dishes for Puli illa kuzhambu are Senaikizhangu Poriyal ,   Ladies finger(Okra) Poriyal  Carrot Poriyal  Snake gourd poriyal Check out my other Kuzhambu recipes here Vellai curry (Sambar without dal) Pepper Pulikuzhambu Mint leaves (Pudhina) Pulikuzhambu  Brinjal Kothsu(Brinjal puree in tamarind sauce) Curry Leaves Karakuzhambu Kara Kuzhambu with Sundakkai Vathal  T

Vegetable Kurma - Hotel Style Vegetable Kurma (Carrots, beans, potatoes and green peas in rich coconut paste)

Vegetable kurma  for chapathi restaurant style Vegetable kurma is a family favourite dish for everybody. This vegetable kurma and chapathi is our weekend special during our childhood days.  The classic combination of carrots, peas, beans and potatoes is enriched with coconut masala paste and other spices. Any type of kurmas cooked in medium flame allows the ingredients to give maximum richness.  Make sure to cut the vegetables in equal size so that you don't have some vegetables overcooked and others undercooked. Do not cook the vegetables for more than 2 whistles because the beans and green peas will turn to grayish colour when overcooked.  For a perfect kurma, taste as you cook and make sure there is a nice balance of flavours and you  will be able to determine any adjustments needed for it.  After finishing the kurma do not hurry up to serve immediately because you can enjoy the flavours once the kurma is at a room temperature. Let's see how to prepa

Beetroot Poori

Kids like to eat foods in different colours and shapes. Pooris are always favourite dish for kids so next time when you prepare pooris impress your kids with this pink pooris.

Ragi flour Upma

Ragi Upma (Upma with finger millet flour)

Awards and Events

My first award in the cookery competition held at Cauvery college Tiruchy. Got 2nd prize for intercollegiate cookery competition.Year 2003. Awarded as Kitchen Queen of Chennai by Chef Damodaran powered by Scotch Brite, Times of India and Radio Mirchi. Year : 2012 Cookery competition held at Satyam ID restaurant. I am one of the short listed contestants for the Kitchen super star program powered by Satyam Cinemas and Vijay TV. Year : 2014 Got selected by Chef MallikaBadrinath in the recipe contest sponsered by Sunland oil. Year 2015 Got 2nd prize for Organic Samayal contest for diabetes. Year : 2016 Got 1st prize for Superfoods of India sponsered by Murugappa group at  Winners of the 'Superfoods of India' Contest in association with Murugappa Group . Muthulakshmi Madhavakrishnan for Curry leaves Paratha Year : 2016 Got 1st prize in Steamed Recipe con

Curry leaves paratha

Do you want to try something different with curry leaves, then you must definitely try this paratha. This is a healthier paratha with curry leaves and whole wheat flour. This curry leaves paratha is easy to make and low in fat. Your kids will love them too.This paratha is similar to mint paratha. I have changed curry leaves instead of mint leaves but the taste is so good.  Quick Easy Sabjis for Curry leaves Paratha Aloo gobi Easy Moth dal sabji  Tomato Onion sabji Soya chunks and Potato sabji 

Beetroot and green peas poriyal

Usually in many restaurants they serve this beetroot green peas poriyal as a side dish for sambar combo. This is a quick and healthy side dish for your lunch. You can also use black eyed peas instead of green peas. You have to add  lots of chopped onions and coconut. This dish is colourful with the dark green peas, red beets and white coconut gratings. Checkout my other Beetroot recipes  Beetroot kurma Beetroot jam Beetroot poori Beetroot puttu Beetroot biryani Similar Poriyal recipes Carrot poriyal Cabbage poriyal  Ladies finger(Okra) poriyal Snake gourd poriyal Beans Carrot poriyal Cabbage Carrot and beans poriyal

Radish Paratha

Fresh grated radish and dried kasuri methi leaves are mixed with whole wheat flour for this quick and tasty paratha. The excellent flavour of kasuri methi and peppery flavour of grated radish gives  a nice combination for the paratha. It is made with very simple ingredients and involves very little preparation, so you can prepare within 30 minutes for your weeknight dinner. You can serve it with curd or any easy light gravy.