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Vegetable Kurma - Hotel Style Vegetable Kurma (Carrots, beans, potatoes and green peas in rich coconut paste)

Vegetable kurma for chapathi restaurant style

Vegetable kurma is a family favourite dish for everybody. This vegetable kurma and chapathi is our weekend special during our childhood days.  The classic combination of carrots, peas, beans and potatoes is enriched with coconut masala paste and other spices.Any type of kurmas cooked in medium flame allows the ingredients to give maximum richness. 

Make sure to cut the vegetables in equal size so that you don't have some vegetables overcooked and others undercooked. Do not cook the vegetables for more than 2 whistles because the beans and green peas will turn to grayish colour when overcooked. For a perfect kurma,taste as you cook and make sure there is a nice balance of flavours and you  will be able to determine any adjustments needed for it. After finishing the kurma do not hurry up to serve immediately because you can enjoy the flavours once the kurma is at a room temperature. Let's see how to prepare this Hotel Vegetable Kur…
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Puli Milagatha Keerai Kuzhambu - Spinach with tamarind and red chillies

Puli Keerai - This kuzhambu is actually called as puli milagatha keerai in Tirunelveli which is prepared with puli (tamarind), milagaivattral (red chilly) and arai keerai (spinach). This is a quick kuzhambu which can be done within 20 minutes.

There is no chopping works or pressure cooking works for this kuzhambu. If you clean the greens in ahead of time, then it is so easy to prepare. We normally use arai keerai for this kuzhambu. You can also use mulai keerai. The greens along with soft stems are cooked with tamarind and roasted chillies & asafoetida and then made into a puree. The greens puree is further cooked for a few minutes and finished with the basic tempering. This kuzhambu is best with a bowl of warm rice along with vazhaikkai varuval or potato poriyal. Making puli keerai kuzhambu is simple when compared with keerai kootu or poriyal. As we add tamarind in this dish, a add good amount of red chillies because if you reduce it won't taste good. Now let's see how t…

Ginger Pachadi - Inji Pachadi - Ginger In Tamarind Sauce

Ginger pachadi - prepared with ginger, tamarind, red chillies, coriander seeds and jaggery. Ginger pachadi can be prepared in different ways.

For our Sodhi kuzhambu, this ginger pachadi or ginger thuvaiyal is a must dish to include in our diet as it helps in proper digestion. Plus, it reduces the bad cholesterol in our body. One day my husband mixed this ginger pachadi with a bowl of warm rice and he named it as Ginger puliyodarai. Like pulikachal we add coriander seeds, red chillies, tamarind extract asafoetida & jaggery in this pachadi also. For these types of pachadi recipes gingely oil,asafoetida and jaggery are the three ingredients which enhances the taste. Now let's see how to prepare Ginger pachadi with step by step instructions.

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Plantain Paratha - Raw Banana Stuffed Paratha

Plantain Paratha - super yummy parathas stuffed with the precooked plantain masalas. The first time I made this, it was a big hit in my family and my son told me it's a paratha filled with plantain podimas. Because he likes plantain podimas (puttu) very much and finish it completely as a salad.

This paratha is good for breakfast and you can simply have it with a bowl of curd. Plantain paratha has few simple ingredients like plantain, wheat flour, chopped ginger, chopped green chillies, coriander leaves and grated coconut. The plantains are cooked and then grated finely. I use the carrot grater to grate it, you may use a potato masher to mash it. If you have nice soft plantains, it will be easy to cook and grate them, otherwise you will have small small chunks in the paratha. After preparing the plantain gratings simply saute them in a pan along with chopped ginger, green chillies, coriander leaves and curry leaves. Once you are done with the plantain mixture, prepare the stuffed …

Black Urid Dal Porridge - Karuppu Ulundhu Kanji

Black urid dal porridge (Karuppu ulundhu kanji) - prepared with just four ingredients like split black urid dal, palm jaggery, grated coconut and milk. This kanji is one the best dish to include in your diet for breakfast because it reduces the body heat plus it keeps you energetized for the whole day.

This kanji can be easily prepared within 15 minutes. In this porridge I have used black urid dal and palm jaggery. If you do not have black urid dal, you can replace it with white urid dal also. In most of our Tirunelveli dishes we use split black urid dal.  Black urid dal has an excellent flavour when compared with white urid dal. Next, an important star ingredient in this kanji  is palm jaggery. Nowa days, many of us forgotten its amazing nutritional values in it. Palm jaggery is high in iron and several other nutrients. So if this porridge is prepared with these two star ingredients (black urid dal with palm jaggery) you can have a healthy protein iron dish for your breakfast. Now l…

Karthigai Pori - Karthigai Vella Pori Recipe

Karthigai Pori - a classic prasadam prepared for karthigai festival. This karthigai pori looks different from the regular rice pori and you can get these pori during karthigai tamil month in pori shops.

They are one my favourite, favourite...... prasadam dishes. This tastes so good on the next day because the jaggery will enter each poris after cooling down. For this karthigai pori dish you will need the nel pori, jaggery, black sesame seeds and coconut. To prepare jaggery syrup, I recommend to use pagu vellam (jaggery) which is dark brown in colour because it gives a nice taste and colour to this dish. You have to dissolve the jaggery with little water and then strain it if needed. Then continue boiling the syrup on low heat, stirring occasionally, until it reaches to a thick consistency. Watch your jaggery syrup closely as it gets thicker or browns quickly. Before preparing the jaggery syrup, add the nelpori in a big container or in a vessel. Add the roasted sesame seed…

Nanjil Sambar - Nagercoil Style Sambar

Nanjil Sambar - prepared with the  combination of seasonal vegetables, toor dal and flavoured with freshly prepared sambar powder. Another interesting recipe from my Rema athai. As Nagercoil is her hometown, I learned many nanjil recipes from her. Nanjil refers to the area around Nagercoil, Agastheeswaram, Thovalai etc. Last month I prepared 30 varieties Nanjil recipes for the Aval Vikatan magazine. I have no time to take step by step pictures for all the 30 recipes, but took some pictures for a few recipes. All the 30 varieties are evergreen recipes of Nanjil.

This Nanjil sambar is one of my favourite sambar for lunch. This sambar is similar to our Tirunelveli idi sambar but there is no need for any coconut paste.In both Tirunelveli sambar and idi sambar we add coconut paste in the final stage. For this sambar, you need fresh vegetables like drumsticks, brinjal, lady's finger, raw mango, yellow pumpkin, potato and carrot. Plus sambar onions, green chillies and freshly ground sam…

Carrot Burfi - Burfi with carrots, coconut and milk powder - Easy Sweet for Diwali

Carrot Burfi is prepared with grated carrot, grated coconut, milk powder, sugar and ghee. This is similar to my mango coconut burfi but it is quicker than mango burfi.  The moisture in the mango pulp takes some time to get thick whereas in this carrot burfi it gets easily thick and perfect for kids birthday party and also for potlucks. If you use fresh, juicy carrots it will be easy to grate it finely. No need to grind the carrots. The milk powder gives a nice texture to the burfi and it also helps to give perfect consistency to cut the burfis. When it comes to burfi the sugar level is high when compared to other varieties.

The first step is to saute the grated carrots and coconut for a few minutes on medium heat to remove the raw smell of the carrots and the moisture from the coconut. Then you have to combine the milk powder and sugar. This burfi does not require any sugar syrup consistency, so you can start stirring the carrot coconut mixture on medium heat. You have to add ghee in…