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Kaikuthal Arisi Ven Pongal - Hand Pound Rice Ven Pongal - Hand Pound Rice Recipes

Kaikuthal Arisi Ven Pongal recipe with full video and step by step pictures. This ven pongal is prepared with hand pounded rice, moong dal, ghee, pepper, cumin and cashew nuts.  I have already shared kaikuthal arisi sarkkarai pongal and today another recipe with kaikuthal arisi. I have tried this ven pongal with organic variety and you won't believe this pongal is prepared with kaikuthal arisi. Last month we bought  kaikuthal arisi from our friend Annamarial Prem. For the last two years, Annamarial Prem has been running an exclusive organic farm in Tirunelveli for selling their own agro products such as urid dal, moong dal and some rare varieties of rice as well. The taste and quality of their products are more nutritious and at the same time toxins free. I hope you won't be misled by the idea that I am recommending buying these items only from them. It is just to make you understand that in order to confirm the quality of the product before making an attempt to get the desired
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Pepper Cumin Rice - Milagu Jeeraga Sadham - Healthy Rice in 15 minutes

Milagu Jeeraga Sadham with step by step pictures and video. The first time we tasted this milagu jeeraga sadham was at the Porur Ramanatheeswarar Sivan temple and we all liked it very much. The next day itself, I tried this rice and packed it for my husband's lunch box. It tasted exactly the same. It is a very healthy dish and has been on my list for a long time. Recently I shared Milk rava kesari and thattapayaru sundal  and a few videos for Navaratri and today decided to prepare this milagu jeeragam rice to share in my blog along with the video.  This rice is simple and quick to make with a very few ingredients. For this milagu jeeraga sadham use ponni raw rice, which has a unique texture that is perfect for rice dishes like coconut rice, lemon rice, tamarind rice. If it is not available in your place you can use basmati rice or any other millets. To get the real flavour and taste, freshly ground pepper cumin powder is important. The black pepper, cumin and a  few curry leaves a

ThattaPayaru( Karamani) Sundal - Black Eyed Peas Sundal

Karamani / Thattapayaru  Sundal - prepared with black eyed beans. The sundal is flavoured with a ground mixture made with green chilly, ginger, coriander leaves and coconut. For sundal dishes, I recommend the overnight  (6 to 8 hours)  soaking method because it is the easiest method and it is also easy to cook within 1 or  2 whistles. Cooking the beans or peas with soft texture makes them easily digestible too. For sundal dishes the beans should be tender but not mushy. The approximate cooking time for this thattapayiru is 1 or 2 whistles on medium heat. Allow 10 minutes for natural pressure release and drain the water immediately. If you forget to soak the beans overnight, soak in rapidly boiling hot water for 1 hour and pressure cook for 6 to 8 whistles. If the beans are not tender, once again pressure cook for 2 whistles. Adjust your cooking time according to your pressure cooker variety.  Similar Prasadam recipes Maa Vilakku Aval Payasam Rice Payasam Moong dal Payasam Brown rice Sw

Milk Kesari - Paal Kesari - Easy Dessert Recipes

Milk Rava Kesari is an easy and rich, sweet dish prepared with milk, rava and sugar. The kesari is flavoured with a few saffron strands, cardamom powder and garnished with cashew nuts. To make milk kesari, you begin by roasting the rava and then cooking with milk. To this cooked rava you add sugar and ghee and stir continuously until the kesari thickens. Making this milk kesari will take just 20 minutes. I have no time to take step by step pictures, so kindly watch the recipe video.  Check out my other Sweet Recipes Kesari Pineapple Kesari Mango Rava Kesari Wheat Rava Kesari Badam Katli - Almond Fudge Carrot Burfi Thiribagam (Three in one delight) Rava ladoo Kaju Katli   Kesar peda Chocolate Burfi Mango and Coconut Burfi Moong dal flour Ladoo Coconut Burfi  Dry Gulab Jamun Easy Milk Sweet Badam Halwa  Badam Burfi  Badusha Here is the video link for Milk Kesari Milk Kesari - Paal Kesari  Recipe Details Prep time : 5 minutes Cook time : 15 minutes Serves : 4 Category : sweet Author : Mut

Potato 65 - Aloo 65 - Potato Snacks Recipes

Potato 65 recipe with full video and step by step pictures. Potato 65 is a delicious mouthwatering dish which can be served as a starter or side dish for fried rice and pulao. Siva always asks me to make gobi fry, paneer fry, potato fry frequently, but  I usually avoid deep frying dishes. But once in a month, it's okay to do and  today he asked me to make this potato 65 for lunch and I decided to take the video and step by step pictures. It turned out very well and Siva was very happy and he told vera level. I saw this recipe in a cookbook and I tried with little tweaks in the methods. Making potato 65 is easier than you think. Most of these deep fried dishes are made with a batter which includes maida, corn flour and rice flour and sometimes it gets hard after deep frying. But for this recipe, I omitted the corn flour and rice flour for coating the potatoes, just I have added 1/4 cup plain flour (maida) and pepper powder and ginger garlic paste for flavour. The potatoes are golden

Onion Tomato Chutney - Chettinad Onion Tomato Chutney for Idli, Dosa and Paniyaram

Onion tomato chutney recipe with full video and step by step pictures. In 2005 when we were in California I have seen this Chettinad style onion tomato chutney recipe in the Aval vikatan magazine and made it immediately for dinner. I have been thinking to post this chutney in my blog for a long time. Finally, after 16 years, today I made this onion tomato chutney for paniyaram. Normally for tomato chutney or onion chutney we saute the red chillies in oil and then we grind it along with the onions and tomatoes. But for this chutney, the red chillies are dry roasted well and then powdered separately. This red chilly flakes are further sauted with onions and tomato puree. I have tried  many chutneys onion tomato combinations, but this chutney is a unique dish. We are adding the chopped small onions in this chutney without grinding it and that makes it more flavourful with a mild chunky texture. This chutney has very few ingredients, so make sure they are good and fresh. Chop fresh onions,