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Carrot Halwa - Gajar Ka Halwa - Carrot Halwa without kova and condensed milk

This Carrot halwa is a classic dessert from North India made with Delhi red carrots, milk, sugar, nuts and ghee. This recipe will give you the perfect, rich and melt in your mouth carrot halwa. It is a healthy dessert when compared to other halwa dishes. As carrots are naturally sweet, we are adding very less sugar and ghee and no kova. The cooking methods are also easy. The only tough part is grating the carrots evenly without any solid pieces and stirring constantly for 1 to 1.5 hours. In this recipe, I have used Delhi carrots which are slightly pink in colour. You can also use orange Ooty carrots which are widely available in our markets. Try to use fresh, bright and juicy carrots.  I always prefer to use full cream milk for carrot halwa as it adds richness and creaminess to the halwa. For flavours I have added cardamom and you can also use a few saffron strands. For parties you can serve this halwa with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream and chopped pistachio nuts on the top. It tastes s
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Coconut Milk Curry Leaves Juice - Dishes with two or three ingredients - Coconut Milk Recipes

Today we are going to see an interesting and healthy juice recipe with just two ingredients. Few years ago, I learnt this recipe from my yoga instructor. During our yoga class, she recommends everyone to replace the tiffin with this juice for breakfast. It gives more energy to practice exercises, and it also strengthens the immune system. You can replace curry leaves with mint leaves or coriander leaves. After drinking the juice, eat five soaked badam. Coconut milk curry leaves juice Recipe Details  Prep time: 5 minutes Serves: 1 Category: juice Ingredients 1 cup grated coconut (tightly packed) 20 curry leaves   Directions Take a big mixer jar and add the grated coconut and curry leaves. Add 1/4 cup of water and grind it nicely. Squeeze the ground coconut and strain the milk using a strainer or white cloth. Add the squeezed coconut, curry leaves mixture and grind it nicely with required water. Once again squeeze it well and take the milk. Mix them well and serve it immediately. You can

Raw Papaya Kichadi for Idli and Dosa - Papalikkai Kichadi - Raw Papaya Recipes

Raw Papaya Kichadi - quick and healthy side dish for idli and dosa with raw papaya. We use raw papaya in kootu, poriyal or sometimes we add in sambar.  Last year when I visited my hometown Ilanji, I got many fresh raw papayas from our backyard. Few months ago, I have posted semi ripe papaya stir fry in virundhombal. I recently heard about this kichadi from my Kamatchi Athai. She frequently prepares many kichadi dishes with different vegetables for idli and dosa. Different versions of kichadi recipes are there with slight variations. Some people like to add dal while some people won't prefer dals for kichadi. I have added a tbsp of moong dal which gives a slight thickness to the kichadi.  The main ingredients in this kichadi are raw papaya, green chillies, small onions and tamarind. I haven't used coconut in this kichadi, but you can add ground coconut paste in the final stage. Ensure the papayas are cooked until soft, so that it will be easy mash or grind. This raw papaya kicha

Vermicelli Vegetable Kichadi - Semiya Vegetable Upma

Vermicelli vegetable kichadi or upma is a crowd-pleaser tiffin, perfect for small occasions and lunch boxes. We like upma dishes, especially the vermicelli upma.  This vegetable kichadi is a mild one, with minimal ingredients. I have made it simple with readily available vegetables and simple ingredients. I always prefer short vermicelli (anil brand) because it holds and stays well without becoming soggy for a long time. You can use thick vermicelli too. Make sure to cook the upma with the correct amount of water. If you add more water and if you cook for a long time, it might turn mushy. So always cook with correct water measurements. I always add 0.75 cups of water for 1 cup vermicelli which gives perfect non-sticky fluffy upma. Now let's see how to prepare this vegetable kichadi in detail. Here is the video link for Vegetable Semiya Upma Check out my other tiffin recipes here Idli Black urid dal Dosa Aapam - Aapam without yeast  Ragi flour Upma Arisi Upma Poori Bottlegourd Adai

Yellow Split Peas Dal Adai - Pattani Paruppu Adai - Tiffin Recipes

Yellow split peas adai (Pattani paruppu adai) - easy to make adai recipe with step-by-step pictures and full video. Yellow split peas look similar to chana dal, but it tastes different. This is a simple tiffin recipe made with yellow split peas, rice, urid dal, chillies, onions and curry leaves. The addition of the yellow split peas makes this adai so unique and gives the crispness. You might all now think, what is the difference between chana dal and yellow split peas dal? Both the dals are popular in Tirunelveli cuisine. Yellow split peas dal has a soft texture with mild flavour. Yellow split peas dal is widely used in masala vadai, kara vadai, adai and also the ground split peas flour is added in omapodi, karasev and bajji flour.  For this adai we have to add equal amounts of dal and rice. Soak them for two hours and then grind the batter with red chillies and green chilles. And add some onions, curry leaves and coriander leaves. When it comes to adai, everyone has their own unique

Tomato Thokku - Saravana Bhavan Tomato Thokku Recipe - Side Dish for Idli, Dosa and Ven Pongal

This Saravan bhavan tomato thokku recipe which is actually a different tomato chutney and easy to make. This thokku tastes good with idli, dosa, chapathi and curd rice.  The method and preparation of this tomato thokku doesn't require much time. To make this tomato thokku we have to cook the tomatoes along with tamarind and ginger. Then the cooked tomato mixture is flavoured with chilli powder and a pinch of sambar powder. Make sure to use fresh red ripe tomatoes which makes the best thokku.  Few tips for a tasty thokku Use less ginger or omit it completely.  Do not cook the thokku in an iron kadai. Do not add water while grinding the tomato mixture.  If you like a smooth thokku grind them to a smooth paste or if you like small bits of tomatoes here and there in the thokku grind it coarsely.  You can also increase the garlic cloves for an extra kick of flavour.  A perfect thokku does not have a runny consistency or a dry thick chutney consistency. While cooking the thokku, I recomm

Paruppu Podi - Dal Powder for Rice - Podi Recipes

Paruppu podi is a healthy, protein rich dish with very simple ingredients. I personally enjoy this paruppu podi with (suda suda sadham) hot rice, appalam and ghee. I wanted to post this paruppu podi for a long time, and recently got the recipe from my mom with exact measurements. As it is the fasting season now, this paruppu podi will be perfect to mix with the pacharisi sadham. Also, this is a perfect podi to send to your children who study abroad.  There are many different ways to prepare paruppu podi. We usually follow this method, and it stays good for 2 months if stored in an airtight container. To make this paruppu podi, measure all the ingredients and keep them ready to roast. I would like to share some important tips to make perfect paruppu podi.  To get the best result, ensure the dals and spices are fresh and clean. For uniform roasting, I recommend roasting all the ingredients on a medium heat.  Red chillies and peppercorns are added for the spiciness. You can increase or de