Paneer and Green Peas Gravy

There are many gravies based on Paneer. Today we are going to see a simple homestyle gravy prepared with paneer and green peas. This gravy will become your new favourite gravy with Paneer.

We often prepare paneer based gravies using fresh cream and onion tomato paste. But this gravy is based on roasting the spices and then ground along with coconut. At times, we feel to eat simple and filling dish for breakfast or lunch by spending less time in the kitchen. In that situation, you can prepare this gravy within 20 minutes. The only tough job in this gravy is roasting the spices and then grinding. What makes this gravy unique is there is no chilly powder or coriander powder or garam masala powder. If you want to add garam masala flavour, sprinkle garam masala powder in the end. What I am feeling is that you don't need to add any other extra flavourings like garam masala powder or sabji masala powder. The other spices like black pepper, cumins, curry leaves and green chillies gives a…

Mango and Coconut Burfi

Mango Coconut Burfi - delicious sweet prepared with mango pulp, coconut, milk powder and sugar. Easy and tasty burfi within 30 minutes. We prepare many kinds of burfis with different ingredients such as besan flour, maida or simply a full fat milk. Depending on the available ingredients, the varieties are endless and today we are going to see how to prepare a delicious burfi with our seasonal and favourite fruit mango. I guarantee that nobody can say no to this burfi. You can enjoy the flavours of mangoes in every bite. After eating this burfi, your kids will ask you to prepare again.
This mango coconut burfi includes simple preparatory work like grating the coconuts and grinding the mangoes. Then we have to stir all the ingredients in a heavy bottomed kadai. The most important step in this burfi is we have to stir, stir and stir it continuously for 20 to 25 minutes.
For this burfi try to use fresh grated coconuts. Choose for a slightly overripe mangoes to produce a perfect flavour…

Thinai Maavu Urundai | Foxtail Millet flour Ladoo

Foxtail millet flour ladoo - millet based desserts are easy to prepare and loaded with health benefits. These ladoos give energy to the body for a longer time. Considering the fact that the packed dessert contains excess sugar in them to preserve for a long time, we must try to reduce the packed food items. Hence, preparing homemade dessert with few available ingredients gives you a healthy dish and also economical one.

Today we are going to see how to prepare this ladoo with healthy ingredients like foxtail millet flour, moong dal flour, cane sugar, ghee and nuts.  To give a smooth texture to the ladoos I have added moong dal flour. When I prepared this ladoo with foxtail millet flour, nobody showed much interest, but when I added the moong dal flour it was a big hit and my son enjoyed it very much for his evening snack.
It's very hard to grind foxtail millets to smooth powder at home, so I have used store bought foxtail millet flour. If you want to prepare the homemade foxtail…

Kumbakonam Kadappa

Kumbakonam Kadappa - easy and simple gravy that makes a perfect side to any dish for breakfast or dinner. This gravy is rich and creamy with a perfect balance of flavours. This homemade Kumbakonam Kadappa is pretty easy to make with easily available ingredients in your kitchen by simple cooking methods.

This Kumbakonam Kadappa is loaded with healthy ingredients such as moong dal, coconut paste and potato. The base of the dish is moong dal and potato. The coconut paste is ground with few classic spices, add flavour to this dish. A dash of lemon juice in the last step helps to  balance the flavours. The moong dals not only add taste to this dish, but also extremely light and easy to digest. Compared to other gravies or kurmas, kadappa is one of the low carb gravy. Let's see some important tips for this Kadapa.
Whenever I cook moong dal based dish, I always dry roast the dal for a minute. Roasting the dals can turn your dish more flavourful. Try to use fresh coconuts as it produces …

Rava Dosa

Rava dosa is the common tiffin dish seen in most of the South Indian restaurants. There are various varieties of rava dosas like onion rava dosa, masala rava dosa, ghee rava dosa etc.. but the batter for all these varieties are same. You can create your own rava dosas with your imagination.
The basic ingredients needed for rava dosa are rava, maida or atta flour and rice flour. For flavours crushed or whole black peppercorns, cumins, curry leaves are added. If the flours are properly mixed with the correct ratio of water then it will be a lot easier to prepare restaurant style rava dosa for your family. You don’t need to buy any readymade mix for rava dosa. I have experimented this rava dosa with many practices and here I will share all of the techniques to prepare perfect rava dosas.

Making the batter
For rava dosa batter we must be careful in two crucial parts. First one is mixing the dry ingredients with the correct measurements and the second part is mixing the batter wi…

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