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Little Millet Payasam - Saamai Rice Payasam - Millet Recipes - Desserts with Jaggery

Little millet payasam - Generally for millet dishes you don't need to spend hours and hours in your kitchen. From sweets to one pot dishes, millets require very less time when compared to other dishes. Today we are going to see a simple payasam with little millets which exactly takes just 30 minutes. It's made with little millet, jaggery, milk, cashew nuts and ghee.  There are two ways you can cook the millets. First one is pressure cooking the millets and the second one is cooking the millets directly in the vessel. To keep it simple, I have cooked the millets in the pressure cooker. Millet payasams could be made with any variety of milk as you like. I made it with full cream milk. You can also use skimmed milk, coconut milk or toned milk. All of these options result in creamy payasam. As this is a healthy dish, I prefer jaggery for this payasam. The plain white sugar also will taste good for this payasam. The final dish had a texture of thick payasam. If you want the payasam
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Drumstick Gravy Recipe - Murungaikkai Masala - Murungaikkai Curry

Drumstick gravy - Summer season always brings plenty of fresh drumsticks, with bright green colour. For four to six months we have a continual supply of fresh drumsticks. During drumstick season, we add them in most of the kuzhambu dishes. There are different recipes with drumsticks that can be enjoyed for your lunch. To get the most benefits of drumstick, try adding fresh drumstick to your kuzhambu, poriyal or in kootu. It's better to use fresh drumsticks. To store fresh drumsticks in the refrigerator, tie them with a knot and daily change its position and keep it in a dry rack.  This drumstick gravy is very simple to make and requires very few basic ingredients. This gravy tastes good with rice, dosa and also for rice dishes like lemon rice, mango rice and coconut rice. In this post, I have shared a unique recipe from our family friend Regina aunty. It has delicious flavours from small onions, crushed garlic and the ground coconut paste. This dish is light and not heavy like kurm

Lady's Finger Coconut Milk Curry - Okra/Bhindi Curry - Curry Recipes

Lady's finger coconut milk curry - recently we got fresh lady's finger from our friend's garden. I usually prepare poriyal or pachadi with lady's finger. But this time, instead of trying routine recipes, I made a delicious curry with a combination of spices and coconut milk. It tastes awesome with dosa, chapathi and even with rice.  Lady's finger is the one vegetable which is best when consumed young and fresh. This vegetable has a very short shelf life, so it is best to use it as soon as possible. After refrigeration, the lady's finger turns fibrous, and it doesn't cook well. Fresh young ladys finger tastes delicious whether it is in the poriyal, sambar or pachadi. The curry base is made with a specific spice blend to produce a unique flavour. This time Madhav gave me the ideas for the curry base. Now let's see how to prepare Lady's finger coconut milk curry in detail.  Similar recipes Kadala Curry  White Vegetable Kurma Kumbakonam Kadappa Mochai an

Karamani Rice - Thattapayiru Sadham - Easy Lunch Box Recipes

Karamani rice - delicious, protein rich and healthy lunch box rice with black eyed peas or cowpeas. I got fresh karamani from the market and decided to do many varieties like poriyal, sabji and rice. If you are using dried cowpeas, you need to soak for 5 hours. The ingredients list might be lengthy, but it is easy to make within 30 minutes. In this rice, fresh karamani along with rice cooked with onions, tomatoes and mild masala paste to get fluffy and delicious rice. This rice can be served with any thayir pachadi of your choice and appalam. Make this rice once and it will be your regular dish on your lunch menu. Few tips for making Karamani sadham Regular ponni boiled rice is preferred for karamani sadham because it cooks up fluffier and less sticky than other rice varieties. Soak the rice for at least 20 minutes. Soaking helps the rice to get cooked easily ensuring each grain remains distinct and absorbs the flavourful masala.   Small onions, garlic, ginger, fennel, cinnamon, cloves

Broccoli Stir Fry - Broccoli Stir Fry with Roasted Peanuts - Low calorie side dishes

This quick and easy broccoli stir fry is loaded with garlic flavour and crunchy peanuts. This simple broccoli stir fry turned out so good. The ground mixture has just three ingredients - garlic, roasted peanuts and red chilli. There are many complaints about its texture, but when prepared in proper cooking methods, it tastes perfect.  Here is the short video for Broccoli Stir Fry Check out my other low calorie recipes here Broccoli Capsicum Sabji Carrot Capsicum Stir Fry Low calorie Black Chana Masala Sprouts and Mushroom Dal Green Moong Dal Sabji Easy Dal Soya chunks and Potato Sabji  Dal Fry  Easy Moth Dal Sabji  Tomato Dal  Zero Oil Sprouted Green gram Dal   Low calorie Rajma Masala Broccoli Stir fry Recipe Details Prep time : 10 minutes Cook time : 15 minutes Serves : 3 Category : side dishes Ingredients 2 broccoli  1/4 cup finely chopped onions 1/2 tsp cumin 1/4 tsp turmeric powder  4 garlic cloves  2 red chilly or 2 tbsp chilli flakes 2 tbsp roasted peanuts salt to taste  2 tbsp