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Little Millet Payasam - Saamai Rice Payasam - Millet Recipes - Desserts with Jaggery

Little millet payasam - Generally for millet dishes you don't need to spend hours and hours in your kitchen. From sweets to one pot dishes, millets require very less time when compared to other dishes. Today we are going to see a simple payasam with little millets which exactly takes just 30 minutes. It's made with little millet, jaggery, milk, cashew nuts and ghee.  There are two ways you can cook the millets. First one is pressure cooking the millets and the second one is cooking the millets directly in the vessel. To keep it simple, I have cooked the millets in the pressure cooker. Millet payasams could be made with any variety of milk as you like. I made it with full cream milk. You can also use skimmed milk, coconut milk or toned milk. All of these options result in creamy payasam. As this is a healthy dish, I prefer jaggery for this payasam. The plain white sugar also will taste good for this payasam. The final dish had a texture of thick payasam. If you want the payasam
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Lemon rice with Masala Powder - Elumichai Sadham with Puliyodarai Flavour

Make this delicious lemon rice with fresh lemon and freshly ground masala powder for your lunch box this week. Lemon rice is one of the favourite lunch box dishes for my husband and I tried this new recipe with puliyodarai flavour. Here comes the lemon rice recipe with the flavours of puliyodarai but without any tamarind.  All you need for this rice - lemons, rice, chana dal, coriander seeds, red chillies, white sesame seeds, peanuts and the regular tempering ingredients. I learned this recipe from my Grandmother and this is one of my favourite rice varieties these days.  How to prepare the masala powder You can prepare the masala powder well ahead of time. Just roast fenugreek, chana dal, coriander seeds, red chillies and white sesame seeds without any oil. Grind it to a fine powder. That's it. Your masala powder is ready. When needed, do the tempering procedures and add the lemon juice. Then mix the cooked rice and the masala powder. I have used white sesame seeds in this recipe,

Street Style Vegetable Fried Rice - Quick Recipe of Veg Fried Rice Street Food Style

Today we are going to see an interesting street style vegetable fried rice with simple cooking techniques. For the past twenty years, vegetable fried rice and pani puri have been a favourite food for many of us. Everywhere we can see, these two dishes are the stars of the street food. One day during our trip to Tirumala, I learnt this street style vegetable fried rice from a street food vendor. He prepared varieties of fried rice within a few minutes, very casually. As he was preparing, I saw exactly how it was done. There's something magical about eating hot fried rice on the streets.The sound of the street vendors tossing the tang tang with their wok is always enjoyable to me. How to make street style vegetable fried rice in your home kitchen  You can use basmati rice or long grain rice. Always prefer the open pot method to cook the rice for fried rice. The texture will be perfect with less stickiness. Brands such as Unity and India Gate are perfect for fried rice.  You can use s

Papaya Poriyal - Pappalikkai Poriyal - Green Papaya Recipes

It's a simple and healthy poriyal made with green papaya.Green papaya is unripened papaya, with a crunchy texture and neutral flavour. Green papaya poriyal is traditionally prepared in a heavy-bottomed mud pot, which is ideal for cooking to get the soft texture. For everyday busy people, I've modified the steps in this recipe a bit. The following recipe has simple ingredients with a quick preparation, so that you can enjoy a healthy side dish for your lunch without much effort. For the best poriyal, be sure to select the green papaya that are fresh and firm with dark green colour without any yellow spots and should be heavy in size. Peel the skin completely and then discard the white seeds. Cut them into small medium sized cubes. Once the chopping work is done, the rest of the process is very easy to make. I start by cooking the chopped papaya in my small pressure cooker just for 1 whistle. This method saves a lot of time and it also gives the perfect texture. Take care not to

Drumstick Leaves Adai - Murungai Keerai Adai - Healthy Tiffin Recipes

Drumstick Leaves Adai - packed with everything you need to start your day with healthy ingredients. This healthy tiffin will give you the energy for the full day. This adai is a balanced meal with a good portion of carbohydrate and protein. I would recommend trying this healthy adai for your weekend breakfast to enjoy it leisurely.  Drumstick Leaves Adai Recipe Details  Prep time : 15 minutes Soaking time : 2 hours Cooking time : 20 minutes Yields : 10 medium adai Category : tiffin Ingredients 1 cup idli rice 1/2 cup chana dal 1/4 cup urid dal 2 green chilly 10 red chilly 1 cup drumstick leaves 1/2 tsp asafoetida powder few curry leaves 1 onion, finely chopped coconut oil salt to taste Cooking Directions  Take a wide bowl or vessel and add the rice, chana dal and urid dal. Wash them well and pour 2 cups of water. Soak them well for 2 hours. After 2 hours drain the water completely. Add the soaked dals, dried red chillies, green chillies to a big mixer jar.  Grind them nicely. Add water

Kaju Katli with Palm Jaggery - Karupatti Kaju Katli - Palm Jaggery Recipes

This palm jaggery kaju katli is the best, quick and easy sweet prepared with just three ingredients. After starting my Virundhombal Foods , I make kaju katli with sugar regularly for my customers' orders. So, while doing it regularly, I learnt many tips and tricks in Kaju katli. If you are planning for small family occasions or parties, try this kaju katli. This is also perfect for kids' birthday gifts.  This kaju katli stays good for more than a week without refrigeration. You will come across several different ways in which you can prepare katlis. But I follow the same method every time, using my favourite hard anodised kadai. All you need to make kaju katli are three basic ingredients. Cashew nuts, palm jaggery and ghee. Make sure you use fresh whole cashew nuts. Add enough cashew nuts that the blade of your mixer jar is well covered. Because if you don't add enough, then it won't grind properly. Using the big mixer jar for 1 cup cashew nuts will grind perfectly. Gri

Nenthram Pazham Halwa With Jaggery - Dishes with two or three ingredients - Quick Dessert Recipes

Try this easy and quick nenthram pazham halwa for your kids. When I think about easy yet delicious, sweet dishes, Nanjil recipes come to my kitchen. There are many delicacies in Nanjil cuisine which are healthy and easy. From payasam to halwa, we like traditional dishes. And this nenthram pazham halwa is one among them. Pagu vellam (dark brown jaggery) gives a nice lingering taste to the halwa. The best part is that it can be made within 20 minutes. Now let's see how to prepare this Nenthram pazham halwa.  Check out my other sweet recipes  Thiribagam (Three in one delight) Rava ladoo Kaju Katli   Rava Ladoo - Easy Rava Ladoo Recipe Kesar peda Easy Milk Sweet Chocolate Burfi Mango and Coconut Burfi Moong dal flour Ladoo Coconut Burfi Paal Kova with milk powder  Paal Kova with Naatu Sarkkarai Kesari Pineapple Kesari Milk Kesari Mango Kesari Badam Katli - Almond Fudge Carrot Burfi Dry Gulab Jamun Easy Milk Sweet Badam Coconut Burfi Badam Burfi  Badusha Potato Halwa Carrtot Halwa Banan

Rajma Masala - Simple Homestyle Rajma Masala - Side Dish for Chapathi, Nann and Jeera Rice

Rajma masala - simple and filling home style gravy with rajma. Most gravy recipes would include cashew or fresh cream, but I always like side dishes with simple ingredients which are easy to digest without any burning sensation in the stomach.  Compared with many gravies, this rajma masala does seem like the healthy option with minimal fat and masalas. By preparing favourite curries at home, you can easily reduce calories, fat and artificial flavours. The base gravy made with onion and tomato paste won't be as creamy as the restaurant style gravies, but it will have more delicate flavour and it is much healthier. To make the base masala paste, just grind the onions and tomatoes separately in a mixer jar. As I mentioned earlier in my previous gravy posts, try to use fresh ginger garlic paste. This fresh paste made with onions, tomatoes make a fantastic base to gravies with a bit of sweetness. I have used chana masala powder in this recipe instead of garamasala powder in this recipe