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Favourite Recipe Of The Week

Nanjil Sambar - Nagercoil Style Sambar

Nanjil Sambar - prepared with the  combination of seasonal vegetables, toor dal and flavoured with freshly prepared sambar powder. Another interesting recipe from my Rema athai. As Nagercoil is her hometown, I learned many nanjil recipes from her. Nanjil refers to the area around Nagercoil, Agastheeswaram, Thovalai etc. Last month I prepared 30 varieties Nanjil recipes for the Aval Vikatan magazine. I have no time to take step by step pictures for all the 30 recipes, but took some pictures for a few recipes. All the 30 varieties are evergreen recipes of Nanjil.

This Nanjil sambar is one of my favourite sambar for lunch. This sambar is similar to our Tirunelveli idi sambar but there is no need for any coconut paste.In both Tirunelveli sambar and idi sambar we add coconut paste in the final stage. For this sambar, you need fresh vegetables like drumsticks, brinjal, lady's finger, raw mango, yellow pumpkin, potato and carrot. Plus sambar onions, green chillies and freshly ground sam…
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Dates Halwa - Dates halwa with dates, coconut, unrefined jaggery powder and ghee - Easy dessert with dates

Dates halwa - prepared with dates, coconut, unrefined jaggery  and ghee. There are lots of halwas I have tried before, but never tried halwa with dates. Today I am going to share my own version of the dates halwa recipe along with a short video. This dates halwa is prepared with three simple methods. The dates itself has a soft texture which is suitable for halwa but it should be soaked in water or milk for 2 to 3 hours to get a smooth consistency. After soaking, we have to grind the dates without any solid pieces so that it would be easy to mix with sugar. To add some extra taste, I have also added 1 cup fresh grated coconut so that the halwa gets doubled and the texture is also good. After grinding the dates and coconut, the mixture is mixed with unrefined jaggery powder and ghee. Then, the mixture must be cooked in the ghee for 15 to 20 minutes until you get a thick halwa.  Similar Halwa Recipes  Potato HalwaCarrtot HalwaBanana HalwaMilk HalwaBadam Halwa  Here is a short video for Dat…

Badusha - Sweet with maida (all purpose flour, ghee and sugar) - Easy Diwali Sweet

Badusha is a popular sweet prepared with maida, ghee and sugar. Badushas are one of the favourite desserts for my husband. This dessert comes together quite easily because it doesn't require any difficult steps like stirring work for halwa or burfi. The dough is also easy to knead with two simple steps. Let us see some important tips for perfect badusha.

Making dough for badusha

To make successful dough for badusha it is important to develop gluten in the dough by kneading with proper ingredients and measurements. For the dough all you need is maida, ghee and a pinch of baking soda. No special equipments like beater or anything is not required to knead the dough. Just add a pinch of baking soda to get a soft texture for the badusha. But do not add more than a pinch because it will be separated while frying the badusha. I have experimented with butter and ghee for kneading the dough and I got perfect results with ghee. For 500 grams maida, 175 to 200 grams of ghee are required. Af…

Brinjal chutney with black urid dal - Side dish for Idli and Dosa

Brinjal chutney prepared with green chillies, black urid dal, coconut and tamarind. A different chutney recipe for idli and dosa. For this brinjal chutney we have to roast all the ingredients separately until it gives you a nice aroma and then we have to grind it. The black urid dal enhances the flavour and taste to the chutney. This chutney has a creamy consistency when compared to coconut chutney. If you do not have black urid dal, you can replace it with split urid dal. Tirunelveli white brinjals tastes so good for this chutney.

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Brinjal chutney with black urid dal with step by step photos 

Prep time …

Collection of Kurma Recipes - South Indian Kurma Varieties

Today we are going to see the collection of kurma dishes here. Kurmas are an all time favourite side dishes for chapathi, poori, parotta and dosa. It's delicious and flavorful with a thick rich coconut based gravy. Coconut based gravies are popular in South Indian cuisine. A few added spices like cinnamon, cloves, fennel, cardamom etc and ginger garlic gives flavour to the kurma. I always prefer to cook kurma with  mild flavours in less oil. Though the variety in kurma is endless, here is a look at some of the kurma recipes on our blog.

1. Vegetable Kurma - Hotel Style  Vegetable Kurma (Carrots, beans, potatoes and green peas in rich coconut paste)

Vegetable kurma is a family favourite dish for everybody. This vegetable kurma and chapathi is our weekend special during our childhood days.  The classic combination of carrots, peas, beans and potatoes is enriched with coconut masala paste and other spices. Recipe Here

2. Soya Chunks and Green Peas Kurma

Soya chunks are rich in protein…

Brinjal Kichadi - Side dish for idli, dosa and pongal - Kathirikai Kichadi

Brinjal Kicahdi - we often prepare kichadi as a side dish for idli, dosa and ven pongal. Already I posted brinjal kichadi with moong dal, onions, tomatoes and coconut.

Today we are going to see brinjal kichadi without dal which has thinner consistency when compared with brinjal kichadi with dal. Both kichadis taste good with idli or dosa. In this kichadi, the chopped brinjals are cooked along with tomato and green chilly. Then the tomato and green chilly are grounded along with coconut and fried grams and added to the kichadi. For this kichadi, there is no sambar powder or red chilly powder just green chillies and red chillies are added for the spiciness. This brinjal kichadi tastes so much good with Tirunelveli white brinjal. But it is not available in all the places so green brinjals or purple tender brinjals can be used. Now we will see the how to prepare brinjal kichadi without dal with step by step photos.

 Here is a short video for Brinjal Kichadi without dal

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