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Samba Aval Sarkkarai Pongal - Red Rice Flakes (Poha) Sweet Pongal

Samba aval sweet pongal - easy to make sweet pongal with red thick samba aval, jaggery and ghee. We usually make sweet pongal with raw rice and millets. A few months ago, my Grandma prepared this samba aval pongal for kadaisi velli pooja (every Tamil month last Friday is called kadaisi velli). It turned out very well and easy too. We can also make this pongal with white thick aval too. This is the best neivedyam for festivals. This pongal tastes good with thick aval rather than the thin aval. So make sure to use either samba thick aval or white thick aval. The colour of the sweet pongal depends upon the type of aval and jaggery you use. Roasting the aval in ghee will give a unique flavour for the pongal. Since we are using thick samba aval, make sure to cook the aval nicely and then add the jaggery syrup to it. The making process of this aval sweet pongal is quite similar to aval with jaggery, but they tastes different. Although the process looks quite simple, there are some simple mis
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Sweet Corn Pomegranate Salad - Salad Recipes

Sweet corn pomegranate salad is an easy, simple and healthy salad made using  sweet corn kernels, pomegranate, coconut and tempered with mustard and green chilly. This salad is perfect for potluck parties. When I was talking about potluck party recipes for Aval vikatan magazines, Amudha perimma from Bengaluru shared this salad recipe to me. It tasted so good and we had it for breakfast. I have given this recipe in 30 varieties potluck dishes in Aval vikatan supplement book 2 years ago. I enjoy sweet corns mostly when little crunchy. So I steamed the sweet corns in an idly pot. However, if you like to cook more soft, you can pressure cook the sweet corns for 1 whistle or you can cook in an open vessel. Green chilly gives a nice spiciness to this salad. You can adjust the green chilly according to your taste. You can also remove the tiny seeds inside the green chillies and then saute it with mustard. You can replace it with crushed black pepper or black pepper powder. A handful of freshl

Keerai Chaaru - Arai Keerai Kuzhambu - Arai Keerai in Tamarind Gravy

Keerai Chaaru is a quick and simple kuzhambu with arai keerai and tamarind as the main ingredient. If you are looking out for a kuzhambu recipe without any coconut or dal with simple cooking, then this keerai chaaru is the perfect recipe.  When you have a huge bundle of arai keerai, you can split them for 3 varieties. Because sometimes, it is very difficult to finish a big bowl of keerai poriyal or kootu. Last week my husband bought a big  arai keerai bundle  and I made poriyal, keerai masiyal and keerai chaaru too. My mom frequently, prepare this kuzhambu along with vazhaikkai poriyal, pottukadalai thuvaiyal and sutta appalam. I was planning to post this recipe for a long time but delayed to publish it without recipe video. Finally last week when I decided to make keerai chaaru, I took the video. A few months ago, one of my followers asked me to post this recipe and decided to post the recipe along with the video. This keerai chaaru tastes good with arai keerai. The aroma of the kuzha

Mushroom Peas Pulao - Mushroom Pulao in Pressure Cooker - One Pot Dish

Mushroom Peas Pulao - today we are going to see mushroom peas pulao recipe, with full video and step by step pictures. Pulao is one of our favourite lunch dishes for me and my son Siva. I have the tasted mushroom pulao in many hotels, but the best I would say is the one I tasted in a buffet at GRT grand in T.Nagar. The pulao was so tasty with fluffy, separate rice grains and mild aromatic flavours. I wanted  to try that same mushroom pulao after tasting that but after lockdown I am rarely preparing rice varieties for lunch. I have tried the mushroom peas pulao yesterday for lunch and it turned out great.  The mild flavour from the spices will make you to taste again and again. A mixture of cinnamon, cloves, star aniseed, black pepper and mace are coarsely powdered in a mortal pestle or in a mixer jar brings the flavour to this pulao. The cooking process is very simple and you can easily prepare this pulao within 30 minutes. To make pulao, the coarsely powdered masala is sauted in ghee

Mango Kesari - Mambazham Kesari - Kesari Recipes

Kesari is one of the evergreen sweet that no one can resist because of its rich melt in the mouth texture. Here our favourite kesari is further enhanced with the lingering mango pulp. This mango kesari has a more interesting taste and appearance and you will enjoy the strong mango flavour in this kesari.  I would like to share some important tips to prepare the perfect mango kesari.  As I told you before in my kesari and pineapple kesari recipe, it is important to fry the rava nicely to get correct consistency.  Gently remove the skin of the mango and take the pulp and add it to a mixer jar. Grind it until smooth, without adding any water. .  After adding mango pulp to the hot water, stir  for 2 to 3 minutes continuously until they are well combined.  Usually for rava kesari, we add 3 cups of water for 1 cup rava. Here I have added 2 cups of water for 1 cup rava and the liquid in the mango pulp help in cooking the rava. Cover and cook the rava on low heat about 5 to 7 minutes.  Adjust