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Rava Idli - Quick Tiffin Recipes - Instant Rava Idli

Rava idlis are a popular tiffin item around South India, particularly in Karnataka cuisine. It takes just thirty minutes to prepare these instant idlies. Though there are many types of ready mix for rava idlies are available in supermarkets , these rava idlies are straightforward and can easily be made at home.  The batter for this rava idli recipe is loaded with flavours. I always recommend using coarse rava for rava idli to bring the correct texture. If using fine rava, be sure to adjust the curd for marination. And definitely go with the thick curd for marination. For making batter the ratio is 1:1. (1 cup rava and 1 cup thick curd). This is the perfect ratio for me when using coarse rava which has a higher absorbing capacity. If you are using fine rava, 1/2 cup curd is enough to achieve the same consistency. I usually mix the curd and the roasted rava along with the sauted ingredients and rest the batter for 15 minutes.  The resting process will help to release the gluten. After so

Paneer Biryani - Easy Dum Paneer Biryani - Paneer Recipes

Paneer Biryani - a simple home style biryani recipe with paneer. There are unlimited varieties of biryani with so many different variations. Today I prepared this paneer biryani similar to Hyderabadi veg dum biryani.  I recreated this recipe with my own methods and I have used  the ingredients which are easily accessible. Making this paneer biryani needs some preparation work so we have to plan ahead. Though the recipe is very simple, we may not have all the ingredients. To get the taste and flavor, I suggest you add a drop of kewra essence and saffron milk mentioned below without exceeding the quantity. These two flavours are really needed for this paneer biryani. For this paneer biryani, the classic basmati variety has a wonderful unique flavour and texture. If it is not available you can use any other basmati rice. We have to cook the basmati rice separately until 90 percent is the key to make perfect biryani. If you are using fully cooked rice, it tends to stick to each other and a

Coconut Jaggery Ladoo - Easy Sweet Recipes - Desserts with Jaggery

Coconut jaggery ladoo - easy ladoo recipe with coconut and jaggery. This is a very easy recipe and can be made in just 20 minutes. This is the best snack for kids. I have bought this many times in the supermarket but this is the first time I tried it at home. I just experimented with the measurements we use for mothagam pooranam. It turned out so well and the method is very quick too. In terms of the texture, it is a little hard on the outside, but when you eat you can feel the wonderful chewy texture. When choosing the coconut, pick a coconut which is heavy and full. Because it will have more white flesh, which will be perfect for ladoos and burfis, If you are using desiccated coconut, no need to fry them for a long time. Just dry roast it for a few minutes and add the powdered jaggery. I always prefer fresh coconuts as it has a natural flavour and sweetness which tastes good for ladoo. Now let's see how to make these ladoos with a video and step by step pictures.  Check out my sw