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Sambar Sadham - Sambar Rice - Rice prepared with Dals and Vegetables

Sambar sadham (rice) is a quick, healthy meal which can prepared easily within 30 minutes. This sambar sadham is usually prepared with fresh vegetables, rice, dal and flavoured with freshly grounded sambar powder. Sambar sadham is a popular food in many restaurants and temples. It is also a great food for a family get together.When combining any dals with rice, you can get a protein packed dish for your lunch. Plus, we add vegetables for fibre and ghee for fat, which will give you a healthy dish for your whole family.

Paal Kozhukattai - Milk Kozhukattai - Rice Dumplings in Milk

Paal Kozhukattai - our family favourite evening dessert. Paal Kozhukattai is an easy dessert made with just 4 ingredients. This paal kozhukattai is made with rice flour and then cooked in the milk. The kozhukattais are then sweetened with sugar and to add some extra flavours grated coconuts and a teaspoon of cardamom powder are added. So good when it's served hot.

Vendhaya Milagai - Green Chilly Pickle - Sauted Chillies in Fenugreek Powder

Vendhaya Milagai is a flavourful pickle for your idly and dosa. It is prepared with green chillies, roasted fenugreek powder, asafoetida powder and salt.

Adai Pradaman - Adai Payasam - Kerala style Adai Pradaman with jaggery and coconut milk

Adai Pradaman is a rich and delicious dessert prepared with rice adai, jaggery and coconut milk. This payasam is a perfect dessert for special occasions and special festivals. I like the combination of rice adai with jaggery and coconut milk. If you like jaggery based desserts, I'm confident that you will love this payasam. My favourite way to enjoy this payasam is to eat it in the plantain leaf with small pieces of bananas.