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Vegetable Momos - Vegetable Dumplings - Starter Recipes

Vegetable momos are a super addictive snack that everyone likes. Most of the Chinese restaurants have different varieties like vegetable momos, fried momos, green momos, chicken momos etc. One of the common momos you can easily find on the streets is the vegetable momos.  It is a simple snack, but it requires some time to finish the whole process. If you prepare the vegetable stuffing earlier, you can prepare the momos easily within 20 minutes. I made several experiments to bring  the thin outer layer and finally my husband did it. He always wanted to recreate dishes like samosa and parotta  to bring the perfect texture. A few years ago, I  prepared ten samosa recipes for Aval kitchen magazine which was prepared fully by my husband. I just made the stuffing and deep fried it. He made the samosa patties perfectly and it tasted good. Here for momos also he used the same technique to prepare the outer layer and the momos turn perfect.  It's very simple to prepare the vegetable stuffin

Onion Thool Bajji - Vengaya Thool Bajji - Evening Snack Recipes

Onion thool bajji - a simple and easy snack recipe with onions. Like onion pakoda, this onion thool bajji is a quite popular snack during season time in our hometown Courtallam. I enjoy munching this thool bajji after a nice bath at main falls during every season time. As it is prepared with onion slices with a soft texture it is named as thool bajji.  Now coming to the batter ingredients for the bajji. Besan flour is the main ingredient and in addition we add rice flour and dosa batter for the crisp texture. Making the batter with the correct consistency gives the perfect shape and texture. Both vazhaikkai bajji and onion thool bajji have pretty much the same ingredients, but the water ratio is different and the way of frying too. Onions get cooked easily, so always deep fry them on medium heat and transfer it before the bubble ceases. You don't need to plan much for this thool bajji and you can make it easily for unexpected guests or for any unplanned occasions.  Check out my oth

Yellow Pumpkin Puli Kuzhambu - Parangikai Puli kuzhambu - Kuzhambu Recipes

Yellow Pumpkin Puli Kuzhambu (Parangikai Puli kuzhambu) recipe with full video and step by step pictures. A lip smacking puli kuzhambu made with yellow pumpkins that is perfect for rice and it is quite easy to prepare.  During our last visit to SriRangam we had this tasty puli kuzhambu at Sri Chitra hotel.  It's an interesting kuzhambu recipe and they treated all their customers as their family members. We make puli kuzhambu using different vegetables and the most common one are drumstick, brinjal, lady's finger or simply with onions and garlic. When they told me the menu it was new to me and  I have not tasted this kuzhambu anywhere else. We were so happy and excited with their excellent service. After our lunch I went to their kitchen and asked them about the recipe details. I noted down the recipe from him and tried it on the next day for our lunch. It turned out very well and tasted exactly the same. It's a straightforward recipe and let's see how to prepare this ku