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Ash Gourd Mor Kuzhambu - Vellai Poosanikai Mor Kuzhambu - Kuzhambu Varieties

Ash Gourd Mor Kuzhambu - an easy kuzhambu that's ready in 20 minutes. Different types of mor kuzhambu are a significant part of the Tamil Nadu and Kerala food culture. This ash gourd mor kuzhambu is one of the popular dishes in mor kuzhambu varieties.  How to make it 1. Cooking the ash gourd Start with cutting the ash gourd into cubes. We need to exert some energy to peel and slice if you are using a whole ash gourd. If you are using precut slices, just remove the seeds and slowly peel the outer skin and cut them into small cubes. Add some water and cook the ash gourds until soft. 2. How to prepare coconut paste  In the meantime, prepare the base mixture for the mor kuzhambu. This coconut paste is what is responsible for giving the particular colour and flavour to this kuzhambu. I will always suggest grinding it with fresh grated coconut. For this magic coconut paste you would require small onions, garlic cloves, ginger, green chilly, cumin, turmeric powder and soaked toor dal. Ins

Millet Veg Noodles - Vegetable Ragi Millet Noodles - Siruthaniyam Noodles

Vegetable ragi millet noodles recipe with step-by-step instructions. Recently I bought this ragi millet noodles from mothers millets brand in a supermarket. They have a wide range of millet noodles, red rice noodles and many more.  I haven't tried any millet noodles and this year is the international year of millets and I wanted to take this as a chance to cook and post different millet recipes to share with you all. I tried this ragi vegetable noodles with the colourful vegetables as we add it for our regular vegetable noodles. As it's my first time, I have added their tastemaker maker given in their pack. I haven't added any other sauces and masala powders. It came out really good and it can be prepared easily within 20 minutes.  Check out my other tiffin recipes here Idli Black urid dal Dosa Pearl Milet Dosa - Kambu Dosa Aapam - Aapam without yeast  Ragi flour Upma Arisi Upma Poori Bottlegourd Adai Pepper dosa - Milagu Adai Rava Upma Semiya Upma   Rava Dosa Ven Pongal  

Easy Pumpkin Sambar for Idli and Dosa - Poosanikai Sambar - Easy Tiffin Sambar Recipes

Easy pumpkin sambar - this tiffin sambar is one of those nostalgic dishes prepared by my Kamatchi athai during our vacation visit to their house. During our summer vacation to Tirunelveli, she prepared this delicious and quick sambar within 20 minutes for idli. This was a few decades ago, and still I remember that beautiful yellow colour and the authentic taste.  My athai still follows this method for  pumpkin sambar due to its ease of preparation with rich flavours. A few days ago I asked my athai to share the recipe details and immediately she messaged me with the recipe instructions. Apart from the taste of the vegetables or dals or spices, there is one more magic ingredient we want to add in every dish is always love. Cooking with love always makes delicious meals.  Now coming to today's sambar recipe, it's a simple tiffin sambar made with yellow pumpkin, toor dal and sambar powder. The addition of fresh sambar powder makes this sambar so unique and gives the restaurant tas