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Raw Banana (Plantain) Pepper Curry - Vazhaikkai Milagu Curry

When I want to prepare quick side dishes for our lunch, mostly it is plantain poriyal or roast with some spices. Anything made with plantains is easy to cook within 10 minutes. All you need is a handful of easily available ingredients in our kitchen.  The first step while making any plantain dishes (except plantain puttu) is to put the plantain pieces in water to avoid discoloration.  For most of the plantain dishes, the pieces should not be too thick or too thin. Don't overcook the plantains because the dishes will turn musshy.  In this recipe black pepper adds a nice flavour, so do not reduce the quantity. I have added two garlic cloves and if you are preparing this dish during the fasting period you can skip it. A handful of fresh coconut adds a mild sweetness to this curry. Stir fry the dish until the plantain is coated well with the coconut pepper mixture and small brown spots start appearing in the plantains.  Here is the link for Insta Reels for Raw Banana Pepper Curry  Raw

Potato Kichadi (Kothsu) - Side Dish for Idli, Dosa and Ven Pongal

This is a simple home style kichadi or kothsu made with onions, tomatoes, potatoes and other basic ingredients. The recipe of this potato kichadi is an easy one pot dish and yet tastes so good. Nowadays, kichadis are excellent comfort food for the busy weekdays with different types of vegetables.  There are some most important tips to make the delicious kichadi to your taste. First of all, the kichadi needs to have the perfect texture. Usually for kichadi dishes we mash the cooked vegetables halfway leaving half of the vegetables in small chunks. This will give a perfect texture which is suitable for idli and dosa. But if you prefer a smooth consistency, you can blend it in a mixer jar or adding dals is an easy way to thicken the kichadi. In this recipe, we are using potato as it gives a creamy texture there is no need to add dals. For this kichadi a tablespoon of idli batter is added to make it thicker. Please do not add more than one tablespoon and also do not boil the kichadi long b