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Badam Coconut Burfi - Badam Coconut Burfi with Unrefined Jaggery Powder - Naatu Sarkkarai Sweet Recipes

Badam coconut burfi is prepared with badam, desiccated coconut powder, unrefined jaggery powder and ghee. These burfis are delicious and super simple.  To make this badam coconut burfi you have to soak the badam for 2 to 3 hours and then we have to grind it with desiccated coconut powder. Once the grounded badam coconut paste is ready, you have to mix it in the jaggery syrup. Before we get into the recipe, a few words about unrefined jaggery powder. It's important to dissolve the jaggery powder in a vessel and then boil for a few minutes. When it dissolves completely strain and add it to the grounded badam coconut paste. After preparing many sweets with jaggery powder I found this trick and it was good. Because if we directly add the jaggery powder, it has some fine impurities and the taste is also not so good. Sweets like burfis or katlis which are made with jaggery powder will be more moist and dense when compared to burfis made with white sugar. For this reason, you have leave t