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Potato Bonda - Aloo Bonda - Quick Evening Snack

Potato bonda - a tasty snack with potatoes which are readily available in most of the tea shops around 4pm. The batter prepared with besan flour is filled with our classic potato masala. I have already posted tapioca bonda which is a super hit snack in our family.  For tips click on the link to view the details. Now we will see how to prepare the potato stuffing for the bondas.Usually for stuffing dishes I prefer potatoes with brown skins, which will be easy to mash and holds the shape perfectly. The potatoes with white skins, take more time to cook and it won't give perfect texture for the stuffing. Always choose potatoes by same size for consistent cooking. One of the best flavorings for the potato stuffing are the ginger and green chillies. Finally,  I have splashed chilly powder and garamasala powder which gives a subtle flavour in the bonda. Now we will see the recipe in detail with step by step instructions. Similar evening snacks recipes Vazhaikkai (Plantain) Ba