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Crispy Capsicum Onion Pakoda - Quick Evening Snack Recipes

Capsicum onion pakoda  is an easy tea time snack made using onions, capsicum, besan flour, rice flour, chilli powder and garlic. When we were in the US, I frequently prepared these pakodas with tri-colored capsicums as a starter for potluck parties. This pakoda tastes yum with our meals also.  To make onion capsicum pakoda, you need to cut them uniformly. You need to cut the onions and capsicums into slightly thicker pieces. Discard all the seeds and the thin white layer in the capsicums and then slice them equally. After slicing the onions and capsicums you are left with just mixing the flour, chilly powder, crushed garlic and frying it until crispy and golden. Now let's see how to make this onion capsicum pakoda with step by step pictures.  Check out my other Evening Snacks Recipes Vazhaikkai (Plantain) Bajji  Cauliflower Fry    Nullikai urundai - Urid dal balls Kara Vadai -  Pattani Paruppu (Yellow Split Peas) Bonda Sabudana Vada -  Javarisi Vadai Ulundha Vada  Tapioca Bonda  Ur

Little Millet Payasam - Saamai Rice Payasam - Millet Recipes - Desserts with Jaggery

Little millet payasam - Generally for millet dishes you don't need to spend hours and hours in your kitchen. From sweets to one pot dishes, millets require very less time when compared to other dishes. Today we are going to see a simple payasam with little millets which exactly takes just 30 minutes. It's made with little millet, jaggery, milk, cashew nuts and ghee.  There are two ways you can cook the millets. First one is pressure cooking the millets and the second one is cooking the millets directly in the vessel. To keep it simple, I have cooked the millets in the pressure cooker. Millet payasams could be made with any variety of milk as you like. I made it with full cream milk. You can also use skimmed milk, coconut milk or toned milk. All of these options result in creamy payasam. As this is a healthy dish, I prefer jaggery for this payasam. The plain white sugar also will taste good for this payasam. The final dish had a texture of thick payasam. If you want the payasam