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Onion Pakoda - Crispy Tea Kadai Onion Pakoda Recipe

These crispy onion pakodas are prepared with onions, besan flour, green chillies and for flavours we add ginger, fennel and curry leaves. As we all have onions all the time in our kitchen, so with minimal effort you can prepare this quick evening snack for your family. In the current situation as we are lockdown, you can prepare this snack quickly and easily for your family. This pakodas pair well with curd rice too. The most important part of the dish is mixing the onions with correct amount of water. The flour should stick to the onions tightly so that it would be easy to fry. If you add more water, then it becomes like bajji batter and you will get soft pakodas. To make the pakodas soft, we have to add 2 tbsp of hot oil and then we have to mix it evenly. The pakodas must be fried on medium heat and after a few minutes, turn them frequently with a spoon as the onions will turn black quickly. Similar snack recipes Vazhaikkai (Plantain) Bajji  Cauliflower Fry    Nullika

Ridge Gourd Chutney - Peerkangai Chutney - Side dish for idli and dosa

Peerkangai chutney is prepared with ridge gourd, coconut, red chillies and tempered with mustard & small onions. This chutney is an easy dish for idli and dosa. Just saute the chopped ridge gourd, red chillies and asafoetida and then grind it with fresh coconut and tamarind. If you are using fresh tender ridge gourd, it gets roasted easily and easy to grind it. To make this chutney creamy you can add roasted chana dal, but it tastes good without it. Now let's see how to prepare this chutney with step by step instructions. Checkout my other chutney recipes Coconut Garlic Green Chilly Chutney Tomato chutney Tomato chutney with green chillies Small onion chutney with black urid dal Coconut chutney with red chillies Coconut chutney with green chillies Brinjal chutney with red chillies Onion garlic coconut chutney Small onion chutney

Bitter Gourd Aviyal - Pavakkai Aviyal

Today we are going to see an interesting aviyal recipe with bitter gourds. Usually we prepare aviyal by cooking the vegetable with required water and then we add coconut paste and finished with either tamarind or curd. In this bitter gourd aviyal, to reduce the bitterness we have to cook the bitter gourds in the tamarind extract until soft and then we have to add the coconut paste. Generally for bitter gourd recipes if we add sour, salt, spice and oil in a good amount it can balance the bitter taste. Plus cooking the bitter gourds  along with small onions with rich flavours like coconut oil also enhances the taste. This bitter gourd aviyal tastes good with sambar , pulikuzhambu and kara kuzhambu . In this aviyal recipe, I have added red chilly powder instead of green chillies but you can add dried red chilli to it. Now let's see how to prepare bitter gourd aviyal with step by step instructions. Check out my other Aviyal recipes Tirunelveli Aviyal Bottle Gourd (Suraikka

Mochai Kara Kuzhambu - Kuzhambu with fresh mochai (lima beans)

Mochai Kara Kuzhambu - tasty kara kuzhambu with fresh mochai, which is a seasonal ingredient during the month January to March in Tamil Nadu. Kara kuzhambus are an all time favourite dish for my husband. It doesn't matter what ingredients are used because if he see any seasonal vegetables in the market quickly he will ask me prepare kara kuzhambu with those veggies. After tasting many kara kuzhambu dishes in the restaurant I found the flavours. Because in Tirunelveli we won't prepare kara kuzhambu much instead we prepare vellai curry which is similar to kara kuzhambu.  Mochais are a staple ingredient all throughout South India. The fresh mochai is very common in the streets and markets during these months. They are packed with protein, fiber and are also easy to cook when compared to dried mochais. The kuzhambu starts with preparing the masala paste for the kuzhambu. The taste of the kara kuzhambu hides in this wonderful coconut onion masala. For masala we have to use oni