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Lemon rice with Masala Powder - Elumichai Sadham with Puliyodarai Flavour

Make this delicious lemon rice with fresh lemon and freshly ground masala powder for your lunch box this week. Lemon rice is one of the favourite lunch box dishes for my husband and I tried this new recipe with puliyodarai flavour. Here comes the lemon rice recipe with the flavours of puliyodarai but without any tamarind.  All you need for this rice - lemons, rice, chana dal, coriander seeds, red chillies, white sesame seeds, peanuts and the regular tempering ingredients. I learned this recipe from my Grandmother and this is one of my favourite rice varieties these days.  How to prepare the masala powder You can prepare the masala powder well ahead of time. Just roast fenugreek, chana dal, coriander seeds, red chillies and white sesame seeds without any oil. Grind it to a fine powder. That's it. Your masala powder is ready. When needed, do the tempering procedures and add the lemon juice. Then mix the cooked rice and the masala powder. I have used white sesame seeds in this recipe,

Street Style Vegetable Fried Rice - Quick Recipe of Veg Fried Rice Street Food Style

Today we are going to see an interesting street style vegetable fried rice with simple cooking techniques. For the past twenty years, vegetable fried rice and pani puri have been a favourite food for many of us. Everywhere we can see, these two dishes are the stars of the street food. One day during our trip to Tirumala, I learnt this street style vegetable fried rice from a street food vendor. He prepared varieties of fried rice within a few minutes, very casually. As he was preparing, I saw exactly how it was done. There's something magical about eating hot fried rice on the streets.The sound of the street vendors tossing the tang tang with their wok is always enjoyable to me. How to make street style vegetable fried rice in your home kitchen  You can use basmati rice or long grain rice. Always prefer the open pot method to cook the rice for fried rice. The texture will be perfect with less stickiness. Brands such as Unity and India Gate are perfect for fried rice.  You can use s