Aval Payasam | Rice flakes Kheer with Jaggery

Aval payasam is a healthy and easy dessert prepared with aval, jaggery, coconut milk and cashew nuts. For this I have used samba red aval, but you can use any type you have in your kitchen. The total cook time is not more than 20 minutes.

There is no pressure cooking or any other major preparation work for this payasam. Jaggery based payasams are basically prepared with coconut milk or ground coconut paste. It makes the payasam amazing. We use coconut in the kitchen all the time. Avals(Rice flakes) are suitable for both sugar based and jaggery based desserts. Now let's see some important tips for preparing this payasam.
Use a fresh aval(rice flakes) and pagu jaggery for best results. If possible, try to use freshly extracted coconut milk. If you are using canned coconut milk mix half cup coconut milk with 1/2 cup of water and then add it the cooked aval. Roasting the aval(rice flakes) is the most important step in this dish. The taste of this payasam comes from roasting the aval(r…

Carrot Puttu | Carrots with onions and coconuts

This Carrot puttu/stir fry is a quick side dish to pair it with any kuzhambu or rice varieties for your lunch. Whenever I prepare this carrot puttu, I mix it up with lots of chopped onions and fresh grated coconuts. This carrot puttu is both healthy and easy  to make. These carrot puttu is a kind of side dish that you can simply eat it like a salad or you can stuff it for a sandwich and also for a carrot othapam. Always use fresh carrots and fresh coconuts when preparing this dish. Never add any water to cook the carrots as they are very thin and any water during cooking will lose the beautiful orange colour and texture. I prefer small onions for this dish, you can use whatever you want. Finally garnish with a good amount of fresh coconuts.

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Plantain Bajji | Vazhaikkai Bajji

Plantain (Vazhaikai) bajji with a cup of hot masala tea is an all time favourite evening snack for many of us. Among the evening snacks like vada, pakoda, bajjis are an easy snack which is much easier to master.

Before you begin, let's see some tips and tricks to make a perfect bajji.
Mixing the batterPreparing batter for bajji is actually a simple process, but we must focus carefully when adding water. Before you proceed to mix the batter, it is a good practice to sieve the besan flour. For 1 cup of besan flour 1/2 cup of water is perfect for dipping the plantains. The batter should have an idli batter like consistency. In order to puff a pinch of sodium bicarbonate is added to the batter. After combining the batter to the right consistency leave it undisturbed for 10 minutes. If you are using readymade bajji mix measure the flour using the measuring cup and then add the water. Flavours for bajiFor a flavourful bajji we add a good amount of garlic and asafoetidia powder. The ga…

Moong dal flour Ladoo | Pasiparuppu maavu Urundai | Nei Vilanga

Moong dal flour ladoo is made with just four ingredients. In Tirunelveli, we call this ladoo as Nei Urundai or Nei Vilanga. This ladoo is super easy to make and it is very good. To make this ladoo within 15 minutes I suggest to grind the flour when you have free time in your kitchen. This method can save your time and you can easily prepare this ladoo in minutes. You have to melt the ghee right after you mix the moong dal flour and the powdered sugar.
Keep everything ready for making ladoos, before melting the ghee. I prefer homemade ghee for this ladoo because I find it was flavorful and tasty. If you are using store bought ghee simmer the ghee for a few minutes and then reheat the ghee for preparing the ladoos. I use split moong dal for this ladoo, you can also use whole green moong dal. If you are using whole green moong dal, grind the flour in your nearest flour mills because in home mixer grinders it won't get powdered finely for ladoos.

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Cabbage Poriyal

This Cabbage poriyal is a simple and healthy side dish for your lunch. This poriyal is an easy way to use cabbage. It's best to use fresh cabbage for this poriyal because the chopped leaves become slightly tender and medium crunch when prepared in this way. Do not over cook the cabbage,  as it produces an unpleasant smell to the whole dish. If you don't have time to grind the coconut paste, just garnish with fresh coconuts. After cooking the cabbage the final process is very simple. As we have already cooked the cabbages do not keep it in the flame for a long time. You can also add a pinch of turmeric powder while stir frying. Now let's see how to prepare this Cabbage poriyal with step by step photos.

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