Paneer Kurma

Paneer Kurma is a delicious kurma made with paneer cubes in a creamy coconut gravy. This Kurma is very easier to prepare for your dinner. After preparing this Kurma, it will be your family's favourite. Most of us are familiar with paneer. They are an easy to cook ingredient in gravies so there is no pressure cooking or soaking work for this kurma. Unlike most kurmas, some grinding work is required for this kurma with classic spices, tomatoes, onions and coconut. In this kurma I have sprinkled few kasuri methi leaves to enhance the flavour.

This kurma will pair well with chapathi, dosa, parotta and jeera rice. The paneer cubes combined with the coconut gravy gives a tasty side dish for your dinner. Instead of ordering gravies from outside, you can quickly prepare this delicious kurma within 20 minutes.  If you are planning to prepare for a get together or dinner party, you can easily double this recipe. Now let's see how to prepare this Paneer Kurma with step by step instructi…

Vendakka (Ladies finger) Aviyal | Okra with coconuts and curd

Ladies finger (Okra) are usually prepared as poriyal, pachadi or roasts. Today we are going to see how to prepare aviyal with ladies finger. When it comes to side dish for our lunch, aviyal is a great side dish which can be prepared easily.

Ladies finger is a wonderful source of vitamins and other nutrients that must be included frequently in our regular diet. My Grandma taught me this Ladies finger aviyal. For mixed vegetables aviyal and aviyal with any other vegetables, we won't add onions and no sauteing is required. But for this Ladies finger aviyal we have to add thinly sliced onions and saute both the onions and ladies finger in the coconut oil before cooking them. For the ground coconut paste we have to add both the red chillies and green chillies. This aviyal is a good combination for sambar, pulikuzhambu  and karakuzhambu. Once you have finished sauteing the ladies fingers, it doesn't take long to cook and you can finish the dish within 15 minutes.
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Easy Dal for Roti

Easy dal is a healthy side dish for roti within 20 minutes. This healthy dal includes moong dal, a few vegetables, mashed garlic cloves and lots of cumin. It's a comfortable dish for your dinner with roti. This dal is healthier than store bought ready mix packs and easier too.

When the dals are cooking, you can roll and toast the rotis and you can finish your dinner cooking within 30 minutes. Sometimes for  dinner the simplest things work the best. This dal is such a satisfying healthy side dish for roti. In this dal, I have added few carrot slices and beans. Carrots and beans are the perfect vegetables for this dal because it gets cooked easily along with the moong dal. There is no need to soak the dals and no other grinding works for this dal. Now let's see how to prepare this Easy dal with step by step instructions.
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Lemon rice | Elumichai sadham

A lemon rice is a perfect lunch box dish. It is really a pleasure to prepare rice varieties and to taste and pack it in the lunch boxes. Moreover, lemon rice is one of the easiest rice to prepare for your busy weekdays.

Let us see some important tips for perfect lemon rice.

1. For perfect lemon rice always choose a juiciest lemon. If you are using older lemon, then it will have less juice and won't taste good for this rice.
2. Whether you cook the rice in a pressure cooker or in a vessel, the rice should not be sticking to each other. As I mentioned in my other posts, ponni raw rice tastes good for these kind of rice varieties.
3. Do not add too much of the  ingredients for tempering. It will be difficult while eating. With correct tempering the rice will taste good and also it looks beautiful. Try packing this rice once it cools down.
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Puzhungal Arisi(boiled rice) kozhukattai | Rice dumplings

Puzhungal arisi (boiled rice) kozhukattais are one of the most popular evening snack in Tirunelveli. We can prepare this kozhukattai either by grinding the rice or by using good quality rice flour. Kozhukattais prepared by grinding the rice are softer than the kozhukattais made with rice flour.

If you plan to make kozhukattais with rice flour, use hot water for kneading the dough so your kozhukattais will be soft and easy to cook. If possible, choose fresh curry leaves and fresh coconuts for this kozhukattai. For most of the kozhukattais we use fresh coconuts which adds an exotic taste to it. If you use coconuts which have water content fry them along with the sauted ingredients and then add the ground rice batter. If it has less water content, you can add the coconuts in the end. Making kozhukattai is one of the interesting part in this dish. You can make medium balls or after preparing oblong shaped balls a slight press is made in the centre to prepare kozhukattai. Now let's se…

Carrot poriyal/stir fry

Carrot poriyal is also similar to my other thuvaram/poriyal varieties. It includes simple ingredients like coconut, small onions, green chillies, cumins and other tempering ingredients. For this poriyal, you can add cooked green peas or black eyed peas.

I always recommend to cook the vegetables with little water and then sauted with the mustard and urid dal and ground coconut mixture is added for flavours. The ground coconut paste adds lot of flavours to any poriyal or thuvaram rather than garnishing with few grated coconuts. This carrot poriyal is a good side dish for sambar, puli illa kuzhambu, lemon rice and coconut rice.

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