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Ulundha vadai

Ulundha vadai - Medhu vadai

Most of the food items from Tamil Nadu contains the urid dal which has many health benefits. All the food items based on urid dal does not need much preparation work and we can enjoy a healthy and tasty dish easily. 

This ulundha vadai is one among those easy and healthy dish. Follow these instructions and prepare a tasty ulundha vada for your family. 
Important points to follow for a perfect vada I always like to grind the batter in a wet grinder, because it grinds well with very little water and gives you a puffy vadas. If you do not have wet grinder, then grind it in a mixie by sprinkling water with regular intervals. Soaking the dals also is very important for this vada. Try to soak at least 3 hours and then grind it.  In addition to finely chopped onions and green chillies I have added finely chopped carrots and cabbages. This is my grandma's idea to add these vegetables in the vada which makes some extra toppings in it. Now lets see how to prepare this…



Thattai - popular and favourite snack for all of us. For this Diwali you can prepare your own homemade thattai. It's not hard, once you tried it with simple techniques and the result is perfect and you won't prefer store bought thattais. One of my favourite ways to make the flour for thattai and thenkuzal is to grind the idly rice and then mixed with urid dal flour. The ground rice batter is easy to prepare and the thattais are wonderfully crispy.

The following are the instructions for the perfect thattais
1. Soak the idly rice for 3 to 4 hours and then grind it. 2. For a flavourful thattai add a good amount of red chillies, asafoetida powder and curry leaves.  3. Fry the thattais on medium heat for uniform cooking. Do not change the heat while frying. 4. Do not forget to add the unsalted butter. Do not add more butter because thattais will break down.


Tirunelveli special - Thirattupal 

Thirattupal is an all time favourite sweet in our family. This sweet is Tirunelveli's famous traditional dish prepared with coconuts, moong dals, jaggery, milk and ghee. This is a healthy and tasty sweet with very less ghee.

The secret to making perfect Thirattupal lies in the quality of the fresh coconuts and good quality jaggery. The tricky part in this sweet is cooking it to the right consistency. Cooking the coconut, moong dal paste in jaggery mixture with very less time will make this sweet sticky. We have to stir it continuously for perfect results. Making this thirattupal always takes me back to the school days in my life because my mom frequently make this delicious sweet for us.


Omapodi/Plain sev with ajwain flavour

Omapodi is one of the easiest snack which can be prepared quickly without much effort. Making your own homemade savouries, with available ingredients is one of the best ways to give your family a healthy snack. 

For omapodi I suggest to prepare the freshly ground besan flour. Place the chana dal in the sunlight for 3 to 5 hours and then grind the chana dal in a rice mill. If you do not have rice mill use a good quality besan flour. Preparing savouries, with freshly ground flour is different than store bought flour. The next most important ingredient in this dish is the ajwain. Use fresh ajwain for a nice flavour. Follow the simple instructions and prepare this easy omapodi for this Diwali.


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