Arisi Paruppu Payasam | Moong dal and Rice Kheer

Arisi paruppu payasam prepared with moong dal, raw rice, jaggery, coconut and cashew nuts. This payasam is easy to make with simple and healthy ingredients. You won't go wrong with this payasam and it is perfect for family get together or for any festivals.

Raw rice works good for this payasam as it produces a nice aroma. Roasting the moong dals and raw rice produces an aromatic payasam. Make sure to use rice in lesser quantity because it expands after cooking and it will absorb the sweetness. Just a handful of rice has been enough for 1 cup moong dal. For payasam, pongal and other traditional desserts I always prefer pagu jaggery but if you can't find it, regular jaggery will work fine. The best way to prepare payasam is to cook slowly on low heat until smooth. We must stir it frequently to avoid sticking at the bottom. If the payasam cooked too quickly in the jaggery syrup it turns out very thick and your payasam will look like halwa. This payasam should have a smooth consi…

Kambu Koozh | Pearl Millet Porridge

Pear millet porridge/ Kambu koozh is prepared with just three ingredients. The best drink for us to include the pearl millet in our regular diet.

During the summer season, drinking a  cup of Kambu koozh with buttermilk and small onions is a great way to stay hydrated and cool. Pearl millet is high in iron, calcium and folic acid. The millets are coarsely powdered and then cooked in pressure cooker. The cooked millets then mixed with fresh buttermilk. Top the porridge with finely chopped small onions. All you need are a few good ingredients like pearl millets, buttermilk and small onions for this healthy porridge. You can cook the pearl millets  ahead of time to prepare the porridge within 5 minutes.

Potato Fry | Urulaikizhangu Poriyal

A classic potato poriyal served for lemon rice or tamarind rice or rasam makes a delicious and unforgettable lunch experience for many of us. This potato poriyal is so easy to make but it is not quick. The potatoes must be cooked in pressure cooker and then roasted for a minimum of 20 minutes.

The general rule for a perfect potato poriyal is that the potatoes should not be overcooked. If the potatoes are overcooked, then the poriyal turns mushy. Using a hard iron pan or indolium aluminium kadai is the best way to cook perfect potato poriyal. Depending on the thickness of the potatoes, roasting them at medium heat should require a cooking time between 15 to 20 minutes. I always prefer to cook these types  of dishes on medium heat, which helps to cook crisper on the outside of the potatoes. For this poriyal also I recommend our classic small onions, garlic and cumin paste  I have included below, but if you want to make it simple just red chilly powder is enough for this dish. Now let&#…

Nenthram Pazham Halwa | Banana Halwa

This is an easy and delicious halwa with nenthram pazham. You will be wondering how easy to make this halwa within 15 minutes. You will start with sauteing the riped banana pieces in ghee and then you have to add required sugar or jaggery. For toppings I prefer to use chopped badams instead of cashew nuts because it is good to have crunchy badams in the halwa.

There is no need for any additonal flours like corn flour or wheat flour for this halwa. Ripe bananas are really great for this halwa because it gives you a nice texture and taste. While the halwa cools down you will get the perfect consistency to scoop. Now let's see how to prepare this quick and delicious halwa.
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