Collection of Kuzhambu varieties for lunch

Kuzhambus are the foundation for a good lunch in South Indian cuisine. Although there are many rice varieties in South Indian cuisine, a bowl of rice and kuzhambu with any vegetable side dish makes our tummy happy. In this collection, I have shared many traditional Tirunelveli kuzhambu recipes. I have suggested authentic ingredients and spices in my kuzhambu recipes. If you find any spices are inconvenient, you may change according to your taste. Now let's see the collection of kuzhambu recipes here. Click on the pictures to view the recipe details with step by step instructions.

Collection of Kuzhambu varieties for lunch

1. Pulikuzhambu - The best and the most authentic Tirunelveli recipe is this Pulikuzhambu. This dish is tangy and spicy with unique taste. RECIPE HERE.

2. Tirunelveli Sambar - There are many variations for sambar depending on region or taste preferences. Tirunelveli sambar has some variations in the taste and the ingredients.RECIPE HERE.

3. Puli Illa Kuzhambu - It is…


In South Indian cuisine, there is nothing simpler than a rasam. Rasam is prepared with lots of spices and flavours and just takes a few minutes to prepare with simple process. If you prepare a perfect rasam your tongue will ask you to eat for one more time. 

The perfect rasam will have a balance of flavours that comes from the garlic, pepper, cumins and coriander leaves. The garlic, pepper and cumins gives the powerful flavour to the rasam. There are a few tricks for cooking a good rasam.
The spices
Do not load it with too much of spices for the ground paste. Use all the flavours in minimal amount, so that you can have a nice flavourful rasam.
Do not peel the garlic cloves fully. Just cut the top and then grind it. This is my mother's tip. You will feel the aroma of the garlics, when you taste it.
The tomatoes, add taste and colour to the rasam. It's beautiful to see the chopped tomatoes floating on the top of the rasam. Try to chop the tomatoes finely or give it a gentle…

Brinjal(Eggplant)/Kathirikkai kichadi

Brinjal(Eggplant)/Kathirikkai kichadi is a popular side dish in Tirunelveli served for idly or dosa. The white or green brinjals (thinner varieties) are more ideal for this kichadi. The small finger sized purple brinjals also taste good for this kichadi. 

We prepare this kichadi in two different ways such as kichadi with dal and without dal. Now we are going to see Brinjal kichadi with moong dal. It is prepared by cooking the brinjals along with moong dal, tomatoes, green chillies, tamarind and onions. For flavours add a tsp of sambar powder and asafoetida powder. These type of kichadi or sambar are free from cholesterol, high in fibre and keeps you energized throughout the day. If you are eating a mix of vegetables, dals with carbohydrates for breakfast help in increasing energy level because they are digested slowly. So follow the simple instructions and prepare this healthy and easy Brinjal kichadi for your next breakfast. If you do not have brinjals, you can replace it with finely …

Tomato chutney

Tomato chutney is commonly called as Kara chutney in hotels due to the red colour of the dish. This chutney is not much spicy and it has a combination of flavours like sweet, hot and sour. The sweet taste of the onions, heat from the red chillies and sour from the red tomatoes make the chutney so delicious. 

Not only this chutney looks good, but also tastes nice. You can use this chutney as a side dish for idly, dosa, poori, panniyaram, bajis and bondas and also you can use this as a spread for bread slices. My son is a big fan for this kara chutney and he asks me to spread inside the dosas. A simple and tasty tomato chutney with just four ingredients. I have used small onions for this chutney you can also use big onions too. 
Here is my other recipes with tomatoes
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Aloo gobi (Potato Cauliflower sabji)

Aloo gobi (Potato Cauliflower) is a healthy and filling sabji with minimal flavours and ingredients. A great side dish for roti, pulav and nann which can be easily prepared within 15 minutes. My uncle (mother's brother) taught me this aloo gobi recipe. During my school days he taught me to prepare perfect rotis. Even now in our family, he is the master in preparing rotis. Not only in cooking he is having so many talents like painting, drawing, writing poems and stories. He started his career in Delhi so he was familiar with different varieties of sabjis, pulavs and rotis. One day he invited us for a dinner. He prepared this Aloo gobi, roti and veg pulav within 30 minutes. He made this aloo gobi within 10 minutes and he served it with soft rotis, veg pulav and a bowl of veg salad. He had actually used simple, everyday, basic ingredients  to prepare this tasty aloo gobi.  

Now let's see how to prepare this Aloo gobi. This is a one pot dish and you can use either pressure cooker o…

Thukkada (Diamond chips)

This diamond chips are a famous snack from Tirunelveli, they can also be known as thukkada. They are pretty easy to make. We use both maida and wheat flour for this thukkadas. Red chilly powder or green chilly paste are used to flavour the thukkada. These thukkadas can be shaped in several shapes like square, diamond or small circle. For crispy thukkadas, knead the dough tightly, so that it will be easy to roll the chapathi for cutting the diamonds. 

When you make thukkadas, you want to make sharp cuts on the chapathi  so that you get the perfect diamonds. Melted butter or ghee or hot oil is added while kneading the dough will give you a crispy thukkadas. Depending on the consistency of your dough you can dust your dough with a little wheat flour and then roll the chapathi. Thukkadas can be easily cooked in oil, so be careful while deep frying. These thukkadas can be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee and also for the curd rice. Now we will how to prepare this thukkadas with step by s…

Ladies finger(Okra) poriyal/stir fry

Ladies finger/okra is a high fibre vegetable and are easy to cook. When it comes to preparing a side dish for rice with ladies finger there are many interesting dishes that tastes good. 

This ladies finger poriyal is prepared with lots of chopped onions and coconuts. You can eat this poriyal simply as a salad. Be it a poriyal or sabzi, always use fresh ladies finger. Please avoid refrigeration for ladies finger because it loses its beautiful colour and texture. If you are using refrigeration use within 1 or 2 days. And one more point store them in a cotton cloth bag. After washing the ladies finger spread them in a towel for 30 minutes and then chop them. I always suggest to cook with less oil for any dishes made with ladies finger.  If you follow these simple instructions you can get perfect results. Now let's see how to prepare this poriyal.

Vegetable clear soup

Today I'm going to share a healthy and easy soup. One day my husband bought  cabbage, carrots and beans from the market. All the veggies are so beautiful and fresh. He always prefers to buy different varieties of vegetables, greens and fruits  from the wholesale markets. As soon as I saw the fresh, beautiful vegetables I decided to prepare a homemade veg clear soup. 

The soup was so tasty and refreshing. I like the crunchy vegetables in the soup and the fresh aromas from the finely chopped garlics and ginger was awesome. There is no need for any other additional flavours. Finally garnishing the soup with fresh coriander leaves is a great flavour for this soup. Hope you give it a try.